Sad Season Six Spoiler

S6 spoilers and info - comments

For season 6 spoilers, you'll find this parg of 'Gateworld' for intensive.

Do not read if you don't want to be spoiled.

Gateworld S6 Spoilers:

Now, as for some of the previous commentary:

1: Hard for Teal'c's wife to die as he's unmarried. Dray'ac divorced
 him for the 'sake of our son' and married Fro'tak in "Bloodlines".  Bit of a continuity problem. :}

2: I've also heard that Jack will be symbioted.  This is the episode that is supposed to mark the 
return of Daniel Jackson to S6 for 
one of several possible quest appearences. "Abyss" - #606

3: Sam getting a goa'uld is news to me

4: "Nightwalkers" feels like an X-Files rerun, but SF *does* overlap on so many different plots, 
so I'll hang in there.  Just as long as Sam doesn't call Jonas "Mulder". ;) 


Some good writers and directors coming up. Looking forward to seeing what happens.

Jobeth, you are one smart cookie! :lol:

Seriously though, I think that's a brilliant idea. Perhaps you ought to send it to them. Maybe they could make use of it on their 'X-Files, S.G.-1' programme sometime... :D

Best wishes,
Hatshepsut :wave:
I agree, you are one smart cookie Jobeth!
Very true!
I hope that the show doesn't go too X - fileish.
They should bring the show back to it's roots a bit. There were some really great storylines in the first couple of seasons. :D
OOps. . . I have to change a spoiler that I put in earlier.
Don't read this if you don't want season 6 to be spoiled!

Sam won't actually be infected by a Goa'uld. She pretends to be, using a voice changer. Also, there is a rumoured episode about Daniel having a twin brother called Michael, in the episode called ' Oh Brother' Sg-1 will meet his brother. There are also some updates to the episode summary for the episode ' Frozen', at Gateworld, so check it out.


The first spoiler is probably accurate.

The second is a 'for fun' one posted to a web site page on 'create your own episodes for S6' and carries no validity at all.

Thank Ghod. ;)