Aliens (1986)

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PLOT OUTLINE (from the IMDb - )

57 years after her ordeal with the extraterrestrial creature, Ellen Ripley is rescued by a deep salvage team during her hypersleep. When she discovers that transmissions from a colony that has since settled on the alien planet suddenly stop, Ripley is offered a chance to team up with a group of marines to descend on the planet and investigate the alien presence. Determined to end the memories of the alien creature, Ripley agrees to the offer and is once again thrown back into her living nightmare.
I think with this film they decided to go all out for action-horror-sci-fi, less on the tension that was created in the first film.

I liked the way that Ripley was brought back into the story, it was believable as she would have needed a pretty damn good reason to go back to that place...
i'm watching this film right now!!

It is a bit of a shoot'em up, but it's still a really cool film, so discuss it with me please peeps..

i absoloutley love this is by far the bets alien movie made so far!!!

hicks and hudson aka michael biehn and bill paxton were so cool!!!dont u think?

Originally posted by markpud
I think with this film they decided to go all out for action-horror-sci-fi, less on the tension that was created in the first film.

Most people say this movie is better. Most reviews say that this is an example where the sequel was better than the original. But it's true what you say about them being different. I liked the tension and real scary nature of 'Alien', which is why I would put it first, but this was much more action-horror-sci-fi, and I do like those kind of films, so I'm a bit torn to which is better.

i cant think of any sequel as good as its predecessor part from aliens.i was wathcing it and it occure to me that the little girl is like 25 now!!!wow!


u're not is ever too old in my opinion

cheers :D

Sometimes i feel old cos a lot of my friends now are a couple of years younger than me... and i always used to be the youngest one at school...

no problem
i like it wen something i say is nice!!lol i should do it more often!
im kinda the youngest in my year since like forever!


ah yes the aliens.................................beware..........................

"but there are arent there?"

i like the bit where she goes
"they moctly come at night.mostly"
they did it in south park and it cracked me up!!!and then cartman copied it!!
Aliens is my favorite of the series. Yes, I cast my vote on the poll. Maybe because I saw it first. I'm not sure anymore.

While Ridley Scott's Alien was dark and suspenseful, James Cameron's Aliens was infused with this wonderful blue aura that made such a nice contrast for the oranges and yellows of the explosions and gunfire. Yes, I really like action films. This one is immensely satisfying. It's an action film with characters who we see develop and evolve, or in the case of Burke, devolve.

Ripley goes from being a shattered wreck to the avenging angel we all know and love. Hicks starts out several steps down the chain of command, but steps up and takes charge admirably when it comes time to. Hudson starts out sarcastic, flakes out, and then pulls it all together when the crunch is on. Even Lt. Gorman, the weakest of the bunch, makes the best of a bad situation when his time is up. Burke. Well Burke just turns into a worm. Which is pretty cool, actually, because Paul Reiser usually plays such nice, warm, fuzzy characters. Here, he is amoral.

There is a deep spirit of camaraderie among the Colonial Marines. Even when they're insulting each other, you sense a level of respect beneath the surface.

I could go on and on, but I've probably already worn out my welcome. So I'll leave it at this. . .for now.

I reserve the right for further comments later, Arcane. . .:p

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