Looking: In future humans about to evolve get attacked by other aliens.


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Mar 9, 2024
I remember the plot includes two scientists flip a coin and genetically engineer their son to control the neuro net. There were druggies using the neuro net to get high. The son befriends a woman who also has randomly the ability to control the neuro net. In book history another alien species had advanced to that point of evolving and when they did it destroyed nearby star systems so the other aliens didn't want humanity to evolve and destroy our portion of the galaxy. They also discussed parallel realities and that their reality was the primary "main" reality tree so if humans left there would be not more realities with humans. At the end the two people used the neuro net to go back in time and flip the coin so he wouldn't be engineered to control the net. The book explains how the Earth created a computer that could predict planetary needs and decreased waste and worldwide disasters. I read this book in the mid 90s.