Aliens (1986)


i have to disagree there marky
aliens is better coz of 2 reasons...................
one michael biehn is in it(hicks) and 2- better storyline!!!!
the storyline in Alien was original, and if u ask me, scarier. Aliens was a good story as well, allthough they had to turn it into more of a shoot-em up cos with all the commandos, and guns they had, one alien wouldn't have stood a chance...

dont argue wiv me!aleiens rules!(especially hicks) :)

that sounded like a threat............u wouldnt threaten me would u........................after all u r a stron guy and im just a little weak girl................................who says aliens rox!lol

ill ...........................ill...................tell krychek (my husband-if u veer wen t to the x files bit under krychek u'd know!) ill tell him to beat u up!lol
I thought Aliens was by far the best of the four films. I liked the fact that there was more than one alien so you never really knew where one was gonna come from.

I thought the girl who played Newt acted well and she didn't annoy me which some kids on these sort of films do sometimes.

And there was also a hint of a romance in this one ;)
It is very difficult to put a lot of blue water between Alien and Aliens.

Alien has to remain a classic of suspense. But that would not work for a second film.
Aliens has more movement, we get to see more of the creatures and dare I say in more than darkened corridors.

The only irritation is the hackneyed and cliche ridden end where we see Queen bug loosig her grip on Rippley, while Rippley dangles clinging to a railing. Comes to that, Ripley is dangling next to the door controls. So why does she climb out before shutting the outer door. I'll assume she has muscles behind her kneecaps, so that she can climb out in the first place!
Well I'll kick it off.
I really enjoy this movie. It's a dumb action flick which lacks a lot of the suspenseful horror of the first one in favour of more 'balls-to-the-wall' action.
The directors cut version takes more time over the story allowing a few more classic moments to develop. I love the opening scene with the colonists discovering the eggs.

All in all, mindless but fun :)
Now I enjoyed this one better than the first. The soldier angle was good, plenty of action. The extended version shows a bit more of the interaction between the characters too and that adds a bit more depth.
Perhaps I liked this one better because of the men in uniform :D :D :D
Aliens is one of the rarest things in all hollywood, that is, a sequel that was worth doing and in my opinion it surpasses the original. The best thing about Aliens is that it doesn't try to simply recreate what works in the first one. Most sequels are just rehashes of the first movie changing as little as possible. Alien had the suspense and terror of a single largely unkown (and unseen) predator. Sure Aliens was less suspense and more action but atleast it's great action. One thing with Alien was that it portrays space travel as an everyday event, the crew of the first ship were more truckers than explorers and this theme is continued through to Aliens, with the army soldiers treating this as just another job.

The quality of the special effects are evident by how slowly its dated (20yrs next year), The original Alien created by H.R. Giger is a masterpiece and the Queen created for the sequel does it justice. The atmoshere created by the directing is brilliant (for this movie I can almost forgive Cameron for inflicting Titanic on me) and the acting thoughout, especially from Sigourney Weaver and Paul Reiser is spot on. There seems to be this strange belief that adding a cute side character is always the way to go in sequels and series but for me Newt is atleast one of the least annoying and the final confrontation with the 'bipod forklift' is great fun, all together now.....
"Get away from her you B*tch!"

There's no denying that Aliens is mindless sci-fi action but we can be thankful that they knew what to aim for and did it so very well. Now if only they had stopped after getting it right twice. :rolleyes:
One small bit of trivia about Aliens and Vasquez, apparently when she heard about the movie Aliens and that a Hispanic character was needed she thought it was about illegal aliens/immigrants and turned up dressed as such, only to find the rest of the people auditioning in army greens. Cameron decided to write this into the script leading to the conversation between Hudsen and Vasquez:

[font=Trebuchet MS,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]"Yeh, she thought they said illegal alien and signed up."[/font]
[font=Trebuchet MS,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]"F**k you man."

"Anytime, anywhere."[/font]
[font=Trebuchet MS,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]-Hudsen and Vasquez[/font]

It was mentioned durring a online review of aliens but no idea if its true or not.


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