Aliens (1986)

Here's a recap, and to connect to points made here:

If the company knew at least the location of the signal, then it would have needed to wait to obtain it from the flight recorder in Ripley's log. Meanwhile,

Salvagers find Ripley's lifeboat and bring her and the vessel to the company.

A board doubts Ripley's report, and the only thing she has to prove her case is the landing location of the Nostromo, which if investigated would have proven the existence of the derelict ship. And yet the board refuses to investigate the location.

When Burke asks for Ripley's help, he leaves a calling card showing that he's director of an interesting company division. Extra features in the DVD and other licensed works reveal that he's in charge of doing illegal things like smuggling dangerous organisms for other divisions, like bio-weapons, which is exactly what he says in the movie. This implies that the company knew a lot more about the aliens because it had prepared organizations to exploit them, and decades earlier set up special orders to let synths do similar.

As mentioned earlier, a squad is used with members that appear to about to go on R&R, with some personnel finishing their tour. Also, they don't seem surprised that their squad leader was replaced. There might be a connection between that and Gorman meeting with Burke before they approach Ripley.

That time, Gorman tells Ripley that she doesn't have to join the team on the ground and can stay on the ship, which isn't followed. Some argue that Ripley doesn't offer anything new to the team which puts to question the reason why she's asked to join them.

As mentioned earlier, the squad (or platoon? it looks like it's a team divided into two squads) journeys on a ship which has no captain and crew, and they land without leaving anyone on board the ship. They also don't seem to prepare like a regular military unit, like having backup transmitters, especially given the point that they had no one onboard the Sulaco.

Some of the weapons also look weird, like the smart gun, which is difficult to operate if one is crouching or prone because it's attached via some robotic arm to one's waist. It looks like something designed to shoot at multiple smaller creatures, which with the logo on the dropship referring to bug stompers imply that military units had been dealing with various dangerous organisms in the past.

The unit also looks like one that has been dealing with disciplinary issues, as seen in personnel who are asleep and look bored or troll commissioned officers, as well as flight officers with enlisted ranks, which might imply that they had been demoted.

Finally, what happened to the derelict ship after the colony blew up? Was it destroyed, thus necessitating company actions in the third movie, or was it not, making the same actions irrelevant?

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