Fav Character (David Eddings)

I've just been re-reading the Elenium and the Tamuli and I must say that Ulath still comes back as my favourite character. Kalten comes close, though (I just read the part in Shining Ones where Kalten bear-hugged Sephrenia into some sense - I must say that Sparhawk is lucky to have a childhood friend as honest and steadfast as the blonde Pandion).

Btw, hi all.. I just registered and this is my 1st post here. Although I first read Eddings (and fantasy books, for that matter) 18 years ago when I was still only.. ahh.. in my teens :p. (And funnily, it started with a copy of Magician's Gambit which someone accidentally left in the dining hall of my school).

- Dreir -
Indeed, the scene where Kalten "smothers" Sephrenia with sincerity is one of my favourites in the Tamuli. It was probably one of the reasons I chose him as one of my favourite characters.

And I'll add my welcome to Daisybee's - welcome to the Chronicles!:)
Wow.. two welcomes already :)
Thanks! I'm sure I'll enjoy it here!

- Dreir -
Ulath rules! Though, Kalten is cool as well. I enjoyed the gibberish scene of his the most.

Welcome drier! I'm always glad to see another fan of Elenuim/Tamuli in these halls!
Thanks! It's Dreir, btw :p

"Where are they from? The gibbers, I mean." (or something like that). lol.

Another thing about Ulath is sometimes you (and I mean the reader, not just his companions) can't be sure whether he's serious or just pulling your leg. Like the scene when they're about to speak to the Troll Gods near Matherion. I can just imagine the uncertain looks on the face of the others.

- Dreir -
I really like Ulath's whole cooking scheme, but seriously - no one noticed any earlier than that? I would like to think that I would have caught on much earlier.
I'd forgotten about Ulath's cooking scheme, too.:eek: You're right, Zombie - surely someone would have noticed before then.

I'd have to say that Ulath would be a close second to Kalten in terms of favourite characters from the Elenium for me. I'd forgotten about a lot of his rather understated sense of humour.:)
Well they DID have a lot of other things on their mind at the time, also intermittent stays at inns and all. it wasn't until a consistent time of eating out that the pattern came to..... wasn't it tynian who noticed the pattern?
Yes, it was him who noticed and him who organized the return prank so that Ulath would have to do a couple months of cooking. You would think, if Kalten cooking was really so bad Ulath might have fessed up whenever Kalten asked about cooking.
That is true, I noticed it as well. Maybe Kalten's cooking is not as bad as they all make it out to be, eh?
my favourite character in any of David eddings' work has to be a close run thing between Athalus and Xanetia

I really liked RoA because it was quite funny and I like Xanetia because she's very quiet, but she's one of those very well developed characters
That's because he always looked at her as her father and tried to protect her as much as possible.

I loved most of the characters, but I must admit I have a thing for Silk. :D
I absolutely adore Belgarath... I wish I had a grandpa like him :D Belgarath the Sorcerer is definitely my fave out of the Bel/Mal series and companion books.
Silk would have to be my favourite followed close behind by Belgarath and Polgara (together because they make a great double act)

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