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Sep 10, 2000
I just adore Silk, there is no mind more devious around snd boy can that man haggle!
You know it's been so long since I've read these, but I'd have to say that from what I do remember my favorite character(s) would have to be Aunt Pol and Durnik. They just stick in my mind.

Polgara is great but my personal fav has to be the supreme magician himself, Belgarath. Their interactions were some of the best parts of the books for me. With everyone else he seems the be the master of his world and know all the answers; but put Polgara in the room with him and you can see what a faker he could be at times.
Originally posted by SGPflughaupt
Polgara is great but my personal fav has to be the supreme magician himself, Belgarath. Their interactions were some of the best parts of the books for me.

ditto, I like them both.

But more then Belgariad series I like Elenium and Tamuli series.
But more then Belgariad series I like Elenium and Tamuli series.

I haven't read those. Why don't you start a new thread for each and tell me a little bit about them?

My favourite character has always been, and always will be Prince Kheldar (Silk).
The man is soo cool. He's devious, brilliant, dishonest and has a passion for stealing.
well, silk is just great... what an incredible character.. so devious, and written so deeply..

but of course, given my name, you have to realize that my fav's would be Hettar, and Horse!!!!..

the way Eddings writes his characters they are ALL so deep and so well written, that youn cant help but to love them all..
I agree Eddings character are all great. However I would have to go with Polgara as my favorite. Hard choice to make though.
I like....

I always liked Ce'Nedra (sp?) and Silk ...I also liked the big burly guy...I forget his name....guh been so long...I also liked Polgara...always so.....I dunno ......witty?
"the big, burly guy?"
i think you mean Barak...

they are all pretty cool...

Polgara has such an inner strength about her....having lived so long, and seen so much, and yet she continues to love and has the ability to be loved...
in one moment her eyes are steely grey and inspiring fear, and the next moment her arms open to give comfort...she held no grudges (except maybe Zedar), and judged not by appearance, but by ability and character...
maybe we are attracted to her character because she embodies so much that we wish were in ourselves?
I don't know, there was something about Beldin you just couldn't avoid liking... :smilej: the way he would go for the simple solutions, like Urvon and the hook... :lol:
my fave character would have to be
... urgh... forgot his name!!

his sparhawk's boyhood friend
i got it!!


i just loved his humour.
there wasn't enough of him though.

:D :D :D
okay, if we're listing fav from both series, here goes...

Belgariad/Malloreon: Beldin
Elenium/Tamuli: tie between Ulath and Khalad *g*
I always found Polgara a bit too perfect, I mean, the woman has no flaws, beautiful, intelligent, powerful. And Ce'Nedra, I mean I love her, I really do, but those temper tantrums really got on my nerves from time to time.

I've got a hole hoard of faves: Silk, Belgarath, Spearhawk and Madorallen. *G* I don't know, brave stupidity just appealed to me for once, so I had to add Mandorallen to the list.
favourite character

I've become a recent addict to David Eddings stories... and I've just finished the Belgariad and Mallorean series. All of the characters are rich and deep. I love Barak with all of his gruffness and fiery temper. Silk, as said before is beautifully devious, but with a heart of gold (if he knew that he would try to sell it ;) )
My current favourite is Zakath because he was open to the transformation that took place in his life. Im sure my favourites will change with time!
Like a lot of people my absolute favourite has to be Silk. He's so funny and devious that I just can't help liking him! I really like Hettar and Adara too, there wasn't enough of their relationship for me :( but I'm just a hopeless shipper!

From Elenium/Tamuli I really like Kalten and.......I can't remember his name! Sparhawk's squire.....I'll get it in a minute ummmm I think it's Kurik. Also I love Althie, just started reading The Elder Gods now so I'm bound to have a favourite from there soon!
Favourite Character


I've been reading David Eddings books since i was 12. My favourite characters have always been the knights from the Elenium and the Tamuli. Sparhawk, Kalten, Bevier, Tynian and Ulath. The sense of humour is great :D, just wish that he would write some more with these characters.

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