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  1. nixie

    Anne Rice

    Novelist Ann Rice has sadly passed away.
  2. Michael Colton

    Authors or Works Similar to Anne Rice?

    It was suggested to me that I ask this question here. I did not even realize this subforum existed. o_O So my question is whether people know of authors or works that are similar to Anne Rice? Since she has tried to avoid genre distinctions for her work, it can be difficult to draw parallels...
  3. Michael Colton

    Why Is Anne Rice Not Considered Fantasy?

    I always see her referred to as 'gothic fiction.' I have never seen her mentioned as fantasy except in everyday conversations with people. And even then, it is rare. I am certainly not saying her work is not gothic fiction, but I am wondering why people think she is not listed as or considered...
  4. biodroid

    Anne Rice

    I was watching Interview with the Vampire last nite and forgot what a good movie it was. I did not enjoy Queen of the Damned as much but it wasn't too bad. Has anyone read her books? Care to make some comments about her work?
  5. Diana Levin

    What happened to Anne Rice?

    I have always admired Anne Rice as a writer. I loved her eariler works; the Vampire Chronicls and Mayfair witches. But now she is all Christian now writing christian literature. Im somewhat disappointed and surprised. Maybe a little disturbed. Not that I have anything against Christian...
  6. E

    Anne Rice...

    I'm thinking of reading one of her series of books, either the Mayfair Witches or the Vampire Chronicles. Can anyone recommend which I should read first?
  7. Kitera

    Anne Rice!

    I've recently watched 'Interview with the Vampire,' and thought it was a fantastic film! Really dark and creepy, but was well done. I was planning to read the Vampire Chronicles that Anne had written. Have anyone read it? If so, what is your opinion on it? The man in the bookstore told me it...
  8. catseyekitty

    Ann Rice's Vampire chronicles

    Out of 'Interview with a Vampire', 'The Vampire Lestat', and 'Queen of the Damned' have the viewers of this thread seen? I've noticed the the character 'Lestat' discribes me...quite...almost perfectly. My personal favorite is 'Interview with a Vampire' is my personal favorite. Should I not be...
  9. Tsujigiri

    Anne Rice & the Life of Christ

    Hi everyone. This was passed to me earlier, I don't know how much it stands as news to anyone but it was news to me :)
  10. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    Anne Rice is FURIOUS!!!

    Off (, a response by Anne Rice to some negative reviews of her last novel: From the Author...
  11. Krystal

    Rice, Anne: Blood Canticle

    Blood Canticle I just love Blood Canticle. It was great the only bad thing is that it was a short one. I read this one too fast. But it was really amazing. I enjoy Lestat humor in this one. Also it was great to see Mona Mayfair as a vampire. She always have been an interesting character. And...
  12. V

    Rice, Anne: BlackWood Farms

    BlackWood Farms I have not gotten it yet but I want to... Its about the new vampire Quin... Has anyone had the chance to get it? I was just wondering.
  13. D

    Vampire books after QotD (Anne Rice)

    Vampire books after QotD Okay it is generally accepted that the first three Vampire Books Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned where her best vampire books. (Queen is my personal favorite). But I would like to get peoples opinions on the vampire books after...
  14. A

    new movie by James Cameron based on Anne Rice's book

    Hi, some time ago I've bought a book 'de mummie of Ramses de gedoemde' (that's the dutch title, in English it must be The Mummy, Or Ramesses the Damned) And on the cover it said that James Cameron would turn it into a movie, does anyone know anything about that? If the book doesn't ring a...
  15. Krystal

    Rice, Anne: Blood & Gold

    Blood & Gold I finished reading Blood & Gold, the story of Marius. I have to say that I enjoy it a lot. Love to read more background on this vampire, there wasn't too much about him in the other books. And love specially to read his point of view and history about Those Who Most Be Kept, Akasha...
  16. M

    Anne Rice News

    This in from Media review: First, let me apologize for taking so long to update the website and the phone message. I have been holed up for over a month in my Florida beach hideaway finishing my new vampire novel which will be published in 2002. It has just gone out by Fed Ex to my editor in...
  17. Krystal

    Anyone had read Merrick? (Anne Rice)

    S P O I L E R S Well, I recommend it. Is really cool! And to all Anne Rice fans of the Vampires Chronicles is a good one. Specially to the fans of Lestat. Because our sleeping beauty give us a surprise in this book. I will not say what so you go and read it. I love...
  18. T

    Claudia in Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned"

    In her spare time, Claudia has been filming a supporting role in Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned". Entertainment Sleuth/ reports (with all credits cited herein): (IF YOU AREN'T AN ANNE RICE FAN, OR JUST DON'T WANT TO READ ALL OF THIS, CLAUDIA BLACK'S EMAIL IS 3/4 DOWN). The...
  19. S

    I am so excited (Anne Rice)

    I have finally managed to secure myself the Sleeping Beauty triology written by Anne Rice under her alternate name of ROQUELAURE...:) I cant wait to read them ..;) I hope they arrive soon