Rice, Anne: Blood Canticle


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Dec 30, 2000
Blood Canticle

I just love Blood Canticle. It was great the only bad thing is that it was a short one. I read this one too fast. But it was really amazing. I enjoy Lestat humor in this one.
Also it was great to see Mona Mayfair as a vampire. She always have been an interesting character. And Lestat in love with Rowan and vice versa.

One thing I totally enjoy was seeing again the story of the Taltos. I really love it. But I was dissapointed that Ashlar is dead. His character was so interesting, I really learn to love that character after reading the story of the Taltos in the Mayfair witches books. I would have love to read how his character with interact with someone like Lestat. :eek: Anyway was cool to know about Ashlar and Morrigan after they go away and about their family. And know at least three of their family survivors.

All the thing between Lestat and Uncle Julien was hilarious, I totally enjoy it.

The book was great, I'm wanting to read a new one already. :lol:


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