new movie by James Cameron based on Anne Rice's book


subboreal queen
May 21, 2002
some time ago I've bought a book 'de mummie of Ramses de gedoemde' (that's the dutch title, in English it must be The Mummy, Or Ramesses the Damned) And on the cover it said that James Cameron would turn it into a movie,
does anyone know anything about that?

If the book doesn't ring a bell; it's about ramesses II, cleopatra (VII) and an English girl from the 19th century (or 20 th)
Don't know anything about it right now, but you have my interest picqued - will try and find out some stuff asap :)
Thanks! And sorry I don't know the title in English. I'll look it up asap!

according to there doesn't seem to be any James Cameron movie on the horizon in relation to an Anne Rice script. Oh well :(

According to This Page the title of the book you are talking about is: The Mummy or Ramses The Damned.
:( they lied on the book :(
Never trust a translation!! I've learned a good lesson :'(
too bad, it would've made a wonderful movie too I guess!
Loved the book, even although there were some mistakes in it (It's Cleopatra VII and not the VI, but I'm not complaining ;) )

Well, Cameron could have been involved with something like that at some point - maybe it never got past the pre-production stage.

Do you know when your book was printed? If it is an old copy that might explain it. I am sure they didn't just print it for a laugh :(
I bought it in 2000 at the bookfair. It was a new edition from 2000.
Well, too bad if it's not going to be one :crying:

I've read it, pretty good read.

Don't hold your breath for a film version, since 1999 had The Mummy and 2001 had The Mummy Returns.
Since Rice's novel just like those 2 films took place in the 1920's. And there's too much similarity between.
So I wouldn't hold out if I were you. :-\


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