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Hazel Court digital portrait
and Ursula Andress 3d-printed in 1:4 scale. andressdrnoprintsml.jpg
This is yucat, who I met and saw perform when I was in Tokyo last October. She's awesome. She didn't have the knife then - at least, I don't think she did . . .

yucat 2023-12 1.jpg


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This is T1M1. An AI robot. Part of a story of mine. I built him in '23. If you want more info, please let me know. As an art piece it plays vid on the screen via USB in the back. The power is AC to DC into the platform and then through the feet (magnetised). 95% reclaimed materials.

Crits are welcome. Happy to learn how you view my work.

Omega S 380649
A group of State biomech researchers and techs were oderwise confined to not pursue consciousness transfer. But, as the Conflict continued to degrade the State's resources and planet, they realised futurewise for humanity was plus terminal. Secretwise, they started the Omega group. Each section pursued goalwise consciousness transfer. The Institute found this unit in 2192, sealed in a manufature section near Central City that was decomissioned by enemy forces nearly 82yrs prior.

She appears fully functional and conscious....

This is Piotr Grudziński, guitarist from the band Riverside, who sadly and suddenly passed away on this day 8 years ago, 21st February 2016.

I had so many magical moments at their concerts watching him play. He was never a show off like some guitarists. It was always about the band and the song, never about him. He had this quiet smile, and closed his eyes as the music carried him away. He is, was, and always will be one of my favourite musicians.

I used Strathmore vellum paper for the first time on this drawing. I liked it in that it allowed me to layer the darker areas more easily but it also made finer details more difficult for me. It's a learning process, but I may go back to smoother paper after this. I think the grain that the tooth of the paper naturally added is quite appropriate in this instance, though.

Gru 1a.jpg
I mostly write but I break between or when bored. I like to use LEDs and make nightlights for kids I know like a recent one of Tinker Bell laughing at a bunch of bubbles (no pic) or a luck dragon (attached). Both of them are crude because both kids are < 4yrs old and the projected life span isn't good. :)

For serious work I do oils and sculpting. The clay is a preliminary mock up before I commit to a hard wax for die making for casting in metal (or perhaps stone instead). Not sure yet and it's a project for after the DTA series is done. .


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My art and writing merge as I also paint my covers. Left to right: my anthology, To Kill a Mocking Bard, Just Before Ounast, Deja Voos, Just Another Agent for DTA. They are reduced down to 6x9 for the covers and try to reflect the atmosphere of the story.

Pot shotted, no need to subject y'all to all of them.


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What I learned from this is that I don't like making full figures that are 18 inches tall.
But happy birthday to Ursula Andress.


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