How do I post in the gallery.


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Dec 31, 2006
I just realized we had one, as this is the first time I've checked this section, but I can't figure out how to post. There seems to be no options for it. Anyone that can help?
I've never done it myself, but it seems as simple as clicking 'Gallery' on the toolbar, then once there there is a second toolbar under that (starting with 'My Photos'). Click on 'Upload Photos' at the exreme right, then follow the directions...
Thing is, I've been looking, opening the page in three different browsers, all day, with no luck. I have no upload option at all.
i'm guessing it's a permissions issue set by an admin or supermod- i don't have the upload option either.
Thanks nixie; unfortunately the option just isn't there for me (and the more I've been reading, quite a few people are missing it as well)
Just wondering -- did you ever get the gallery working? I'd like to post some pictures up, but I seem to have the option missing too...

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