Days Gone

Peter A

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Dec 23, 2019
I'm gutted that Bend Studio won't agree to publish a sequel. This game was both entertaining and frustrating in 2019, but it kept my interest. The graphics are amazing. The plot was engaging. I enjoyed it, in spite of how solid some objectives turned out to be.

But the director was initially blaming fans who didn't pay full price to buy it. Now he says it's Sony's fault, for not being big on it to begin with.

Either way, it's quite a shame.
With nearly 1300 hours ploughed into it, I think this might be the best game that i've ever played. My first open world game and i just fell into it. Bend did incredibly well to keep tension so high for the entire game. The bike is a great game mechanic, and the hordes... I adore going against the hordes. :) A great soundtrack by Nathan Whitehead, too.
I feel as if gaming is in the can right now. I may as well take a holiday (a self-imposed hiatus from the usual web discussions) until Gamescom in August.

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