The Last of the Wild Days - Volume One FREE Ebook promotion

Daniel J Loney Author

Jan 14, 2022
Evening to anyone and everyone looking for a cosy read to see them into the coming autumn and winter months! I've recently published the first volume of my new fantasy fiction series 'The Last of the Wild Days', inspired by and dedicated to three of my favourite childhood authors who are sadly no longer with us. It's available on Ebook and paperback on amazon and I'm running a free Ebook promotion for the next five days starting tomorrow. For any fans of this particular genre, I would love for you to be some of its first readers, and for the next few days its completely free!

'For Brackenhal, Merralea and their last remaining cub, life on the rugged Storm Cairns is a continuous struggle. Plagued by hunger, exposure to the elements and Flesheaters who are picking their fellow Foragers off one by one, they are fleeing a brutal and seemingly unending winter in search of kinder lands than their own. On their path, they discover an abandoned fox cub lying in the snow. Despite foxes being some of the most feared and cruel of all predators, they decide to raise the cub as their own. Meanwhile, another creature born of winter itself is uniting the Flesheaters under one creed to begin a great hunt, and as the Foragers raise their orphaned cub in little knowledge of the looming threat, the Wintergazer is ever growing in both power... and hunger'

Here is the link...
The Last of the Wild Days: Volume One: Loney, Daniel J: 9798783640049: Books
Buy The Last of the Wild Days: Volume One by Loney, Daniel J (ISBN: 9798783640049) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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