The last days of the Lóntuisteach


Sci-Fi Seanachaí
Aug 15, 2021
A forty minute Audio Drama (2*20min with interval).
Due out in late Autumn.
Set in the early days of interplanetary travel.
The plot has the crew of the spacecraft in the title ingest a psychoactive drug as part of a plan to cope with the psychological effects of space travel. This results in them experiencing vivid hallucinations, and slapstick adventures. The second half takes the listener on a dark turn and the show ends with a poignant beat.

Just finishing out the writing, and recording will take place later in the month. The mix will then go to the producers and, all going to plan, will be ready towards the end of the year. The result will hopefully be a new twist on classic radio Science Fiction.

The plan is for it to air on FM radio, and after that it should be available to download/ stream for free -will update this thread with the details of participants and more info as the thing progresses.

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