Easter eggs in books


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Dec 8, 2007
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Spotted this in the back of a paperback I'm reading. (Dark Side of the Earth by Alfred Bester)
I see an upside down picture of a steamship called Mallard, drawn in biro. Anyone recognise the ship, and the signature?
Anyone else have any interesting easter eggs in books they've bought?
One I write… in Inish Carraig I have a release of a virus that is carried out much as it was in V - but also is carried in from the exact same point of a Belfast hill as Kevin and Sadie look down on the city from an iconic series about the Troubles by Joan Lingard. I love dovetailing sf geeks on with local stuff. I also named a main character after Kerr Avon but hardly anyone noticed :D

For a great Easter egg ridden novel - Among Others by Jo Walton
I was looking through my paperbacks and an old flyer fell out of The Pnume by Jack Vance. Its one of those old ads where you send off to learn to be a writer
Ready Player One was entirely about Easter Eggs. It even included one and the person that discovered it won a Delorean if I remember correctly.

And also including (in the movie) the 'charm of making' chant from Excalibur. Which was nice.
Sometimes I find pieces of paper with mysterious notations, that have been used as bookmarks. That's about it; there's never been anything actually interesting. (Although if I could decipher those mysterious notations maybe I'd find out I'm wrong about that.)
In relation to the OP, there is a car and passenger ferry that crosses Windermere called Mallard. From memory it looks nothing like that sketch.

Edit -I see from tbe page the sketvh is drawn there is mention of a toy yacht, so perhsps this is fictional (and the signature that of the reader/doodler).

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