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Venu d'un pays ou il ne pleut pas
Oct 26, 2013
This is the thread for the stories. You may enter as many stories as you like.
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GENRE: SFF or other Speculative Fiction
TOPIC: Hidden

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Follow My Lead

In the city it’s easy to hide your shadow, especially if you have two of them.

I was searching for a new safehouse, but we needed to rest. Looking around, I found the perfect spot. As I walked near the dark alley my other shadow slipped away into it.

“You stay here and don’t step out.”

“I stay. You bring food?” She asked in a whisper.

“Yes, now be quiet and don’t get found.”

“I be quiet.”

Shadows hide many secrets, and some need a Bodyguard to keep them safe, or a trusted loved one, like myself.
Internal Strife

Family, friends, and guests were gathered that festive afternoon as everyone was engaged in conversation. Tea, cakes, and other delights were served as all conversed on the past events of the year.

Her aunt sat on the fancy sofa with a smile seeming to hear those around her, so everyone thought.

But threads of memories crawled forth in mockery.

Lier! They know the truth…

No, they don’t.

Yes! See? They know and despise your weakness…

I don’t believe you.

They hate you!...

“Aunty! Are you OK?”

“Yes Dear, more tea please?”

We know you, Mildred!...
Now, Where Did I Put It?

“What do I have in my pocket?”

“Oh, please DR, that’s such a cliche question! And do you know how many pockets you have?”

“Give it a go, then?”



“Fine! From left to right, top to bottom. The keys to the TARDIS, your sonic screwdriver, K-9’s whistle… (Some time later)… A Mathematical Badge of Excellence and finally, a segment of the Key to Time.”

“Is that all of it then?”


“Are you sure?”

“Positive DR! What else is there?!”

“Well, why don’t you think about it some more. In the meantime, care for a Jelly Baby?
Metsänkätkö (the forest's secret place for hiding things)

Two figures stood in the lush hinterland.
"It's been forty years, Arja," said the stocky forest gnome, "I don't think they're still looking.
"I am sorry, and if there's anything I can do..."
"Nonsense," said the woman girl, stroking moss, "I know they're coming back."
"You've worn your clothes everted since you were hidden. They do not want you. I'm sorry.
You will not be rescued."
Arja surveyed the omnipresent foliage without hope.
The gnome re-entered his underground home.
"Poor dear," said his wife, "I hope the mortals were as kind to ours as we were to one of theirs."
Where are the Snows of Yesteryear?
The physics of the Time Scoop would make Einstein’s head spin, the cost of the technology is astronomical, and the calculations require an army of supercomputers, but the principle is simple. Reach into the past, grab something, and bring it to the present.

The Time Scoop only works on things that already disappeared, if you see what I mean. That avoids paradoxes. Something vanished then because we made it vanish now. That causes complications for the secret holding area of our Institute.

Judge Crater, will you please ask Amelia Earhart to stop fooling around with the Ark of the Covenant?
Family TIEs

"Princess, you will give me the location of the Rebel base."


"But Leia, I'm your father."


"I've a right to know where you go with your friends. Especially that scruffy-looking one with the mutt."


"Is that its name? It should be muzzled; almost had my finger off last time he brought it round. I don't want you seeing him any more."

"But Han's my boyfriend."

"I don't care. You're grounded until you tell me where they're hiding out. Go to your room!"

"That's so unfair. I hate you!"

"Yeah, you and half the galaxy."

It had been waiting, slumbering deep underground, for so long it had forgotten all but its name. Beholder. A useless, meaningless name, in a world that was enclosed, dark and still. Therefore it beheld itself, its shape, its thoughts, its dreams. It found nothing; awakened only an fathomless sense of loss. It found that it could cry.

Tears softened the soil around its head, creating space. Slowly it cried itself forwards, upwards, until the world broke open. Only then did it remember its purpose, its mission. But it was too late, for behold, life had germinated, bloomed and withered.
Déjà Voös

Voös saved me many times and even pulled me back from another world, but the thing she really saved was the me inside. She showed me a truer love and gave me a goal to shoot for, and I was much happier ever after her that she did.

A puki was given a mere to love and she did.

That's how Voös always saw it and that's fine by me.

Me? I see it a bit differently.

A puki gave herself to a mere to be loved, and she is.
A Quiet Rendezvous

She was with her friends at the local restaurant, sitting silently and pretending to be interested while they talked down about their respected others. Felling a familiar caress on her knee, she looked around the crowded establishment until spotting him sitting alone across the room, with a single rose in hand.

Seeing him kiss the rose, she placed her hand under her table while he did the same with it at his and at that moment, it was gently placed into hers. Bringing her hand out while holding the rose, she smiled back. Her friends were none the wiser.
Saved By the Blind

The adventures were lost and confused by the unreadable map that they stole from the Warlock.

Moving her fingers across the map, the blind healer felt and envisioned the unseen keys to the Warlocks puzzle. She called out to her companion as she led them to safety, seen by her, but unknown to them. Trust was the key and not to some mystic knowledge or forgotten incantation as they fought and suffered victory and loss.

At the trials end they cheered themselves while consoling each other but ignoring her. She laughed and went along while tears filled her soul.
The Joker Always Said He Never Wore a Mask, Until…

“Let’s see what you’re hiding behind that mask, Batman!” Swish! “And that one!” Swish! “And that one!” Swish! “How many masks are you wearing?!”

“More than you’ll ever know, Joker! Now it’s my turn.”

“Now hold on Bats! No need to get carried away!

Slice! “Opps…”


“Nice dental work you got there, Joker. Is that where I broke your jaw last time?

“Thanks, and yes, it is. I get my teeth and jaw worked on after every time we meet. So, can I have my face back now?”

“Don’t you mean, your new mask?”

“Funny, Bats. Ha-ha!”

Energy beings from space, Lincoln's father had told her. They could be anyone or anything at any given time. Such talk had been keeping her awake most nights. She'd surrounded herself with her numerous stuffed animals, ones she had loved and trusted for years.
"Oh, Honeypaw," Lincoln murmured, her eyes finally closing, as she held her dearest teddy bear close. While she slept, "Honeypaw" blinked his black eyes. Much better this way, thought the alien.
And the rivers will flow

Schleantór gestured around at the ruined old hovel he called home, and said: ‘What do you think?, of course I’ve never been tested for colour blindness. I’ve never left this mountain.’

European Space Agency Mission Commander Frodlick Zumbameyer was careful to make sure nobody saw him visit Schleantór the seer. The launch for Proxima B was imminent. But old ways die hard.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes my friend, you will visit a strange new world, where the rivers run with blood.’

‘Blood?, this is shocking.’

‘It is Commander, believe you me, it hit me like a bolt from the tangerine.’
Where Be Dragons?

Sir Geoffrey ventured deeper into the cavern in search of the fell beast. He'd already traversed the razor sharp stalagmites and stalagtites guarding the entrance to its lair, and now found his sabatons squelching into the soft, wet, pink surface of its inner sanctum; what manner of place was this?

With flaming torch aloft, he remained undaunted as he continued his exploration of the vast, stinking cavern. Once the wyrm was vanquished, half the kingdom and the King's beautiful daughter would be his as promised!

'Ooh, breakfast,' the dragon thought as it tipped its head back, swallowing the hapless knight.
In Death, I Will Not Part

“Here are the key emotions of your wife life, please follow me.” The funeral director instructed.

They gathered in the small room as the lights dimmed. Scenes of beaches and foreign resorts filled the screen.

“I miss him so!” She repeated as the recording played out but neither he nor their children were seen, only him.

“Father?” his daughter spoke.

“Quiet!” He said leaning forward, “Continue.” Her final memories played out, and then he spoke.

“Despite her feelings and betrayal, I loved her, but he didn’t. I’ll be buried next to her. For her sake.”
The wood for the trees

‘What if I gathered every full stop ever used, and arranged them according to size?’

‘Then you would have completed your task.’

‘So there is no end.’

‘You should consider this further.’

‘For how long.’

‘How long can you think?’


‘Then that long.’

Chatbot STRFZB3158 absorbed every piece of recorded human text. And could produce a quality manuscript in nanoseconds. But there was no demand.
  • Chatbot STRFZB3158 found itself without purpose.
  • Which is the worst kind of without for a robot to have.
  • So Chatbot STRFZB3158 visited the human library of Tarundalstross, and sought counsel from the Cheif Walufa.
The tragic last days of deep space outpost Keppler5

Saltoon Fenocious was a wary sort of deep space logistics manager, and saw problems where others couldn’t.

'You ignored them!'

'Yes inspector, it was an obvious trick.'

'Kerellan scouts have landed, request immediate evacuation ...how was that a trick Saltoon?'

'Read between the lines, the sense of urgency pressuring me to make a rash decision. Amateur stuff. An obvious ruse.'

'But it came from our people!'

'That's what the Kerellans wanted me to think -answer this, why would the same message be transmitted fifteen times?'

'Tell me you sent an emergency team!'

'There was no need, the messages stopped coming.'
How To Hide a Treasure

“I hid the treasure. It’s perfectly safe.”
“In the foundations of the Hoover Dam, when it was build.”
“Don’t be ridiculous. Besides, how do you imagine to retrieve it?”
“By destroying the dam, obviously.”
“You can’t do that!”
“Of course I can, just a matter of enough explosives at the right places.”
“That would cause a disaster!”
“Hardly. Not if the dam is already marked for demolition. Sometime in the future.”
“Right... you have a time-machine?”
“I stole one.”
“It was left unlocked by a time-traveler.”
“Really? Where is it?”
“Hidden. Disguised as as police-box.”
Always the last place you look

‘Where are they?’


‘Not who, what -my keys!’

‘Wherever you left them, it’s not my job to know where they are.’

‘It should be. You took a vow to honour and obey. Surely that includes helping me with the most basic of tasks.’

‘I don’t like your tone, I’m not your mother.’

‘Well I could do with a bit more help, did you put out the bins.’


‘Why not?’

‘Because they’re not due for collection till Wednesday. Sometimes I wonder about you skipper. The board at Starfleet must’ve been drunk when they gave you command of a Starship.’

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