February / March 100 Word Anonymous Challenge 2023 Discussion


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Feb 21, 2006
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It is getting close to the start of the challenge (February 7th). I have a favour to ask.
This month I will be away on holidays for a chunk of February, and without devices during that time, so I won't be able to post. Also, I have much to do to prepare before and sort out after the the trip.
Would someone like to volunteer to run this upcoming challenge for me?
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I'm available in February and March, so I'll be happy to run the challenge.
I haven't been involved with it for a while, so please sent me a PM with the latest rules and dates etc, in case I missed any changes.

I'm available in February and March, so I'll be happy to run the challenge.
I haven't been involved with it for a while, so please sent me a PM with the latest rules and dates etc, in case I missed any changes.
Thank you! :)
I will send you the guidelines I have developed over the time I've been running it.
Welcome everybody to the discussion thread for the 2023 February/March 100 word Anonymous Challenge. The challenge will start from tomorrow, the 7th of February and will run for a month, until the end 11:59pm GMT on the 7th of March after which entries will not be accepted.
As usual you cannot post your entries directly into the story thread. They should instead be sent by P.M./Conversation to me @farntfar and I will check that they conform to the 100 word limit, before posting them in the stories thread, which can be found here
You can enter as many times as you like within the timeframe defined.

@Christine Wheelwright was the winner of the last challenge and has chosen the theme for this month's challenge as


Remember, This is the discussion thread.
Please post
discussions, comments, and reviews here (for anyone who wishes to do so), and anything else pertinent to the challenge.
If you would like to do reviews, remember to include all submissions including your own if you've entered.

I shall be accepting entries, by PM, from midnight (GMT) tonight.
Good luck, and happy writing.
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Three more contributions arrived this morning.

Why not join 'em. The more the merrier.

And don't forget. You can do another 1 or 6 later. There's no limit to how many you post before March the 7th.

If anyone feels like doing reviews this month you are most welcome to do so in this thread.
Or any other comments or observations must be posted here also.

OH. Something else to note.
You will all doubtless be aware that postings in any thread cannot be edited more than 1 hour after their entry.
This, of course, applies to me too. So once I have posted your entry, I cannot make changes after that period.
Since I'm not connected and watching for your PMs 24/7 it may well be that I don't see any modifications you send me until more than 1 hour since the time I publish your work even if you send it only 10 minutes later. So:
Further to the above, I will wait at least an hour from the sending time of your PMs before posting the story in the Entries thread.(*) This will give you a chance to review and possibly modify the entry in your conversation with me before it gets posted definitively to the entries thread.
I believe that PMs may be modified by the sender for an hour after they are sent, similarly to thread entries.

Because of this, although I have received 2 more entries this evening, they will not appear on the entries thread until tomorrow morning, French time.

(*) It may, of course be much longer than 1 hour, depending on when I connect and can work on the posting.
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Many, many thanks farntfar for running the Challenge this time around. It very much is appreciated.

Any many thanks also to JS Wiig for doing the reviews which are always good to read.
I appreciate the metric conversions.

I think I have a hunch who wrote the story 'New Dilmun'.

@Snicklefritz kindly did it so that when the guessing game begins no-one needs to get the Nul-Point message.
Keep those stories coming!

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