February / March 100 Word Anonymous Challenge 2024 Discussion


Easily amused
Feb 21, 2006
Ontario, Canada
It is time for our new Challenge, and our current winner, @THX1138 , has chosen a great topic for you. All will be revealed (or not ;)) on Feburary 7 th.
From Feb. 12 - 24, I will be out of the country on vacation. I will be taking my iPad with me, and will be checking in to post entries, but they may not be in a timely manner. If this is of concern to anyone, I can ask for some help running the Challenge. Please let me know what you think.
Many thanks to @Elckerlyc for maintaining our winners list!
I spoke to Elvet last night, and I'll be running the show this time from beginning to end to give her a proper break.

I'll give you the details shortly.
A big thanks to @farntfar for taking the reins again while I'm away. It is greatly appreciated, and makes for less interruption in the submission process.
I logged in to check if a topic had been posted thinking it was the 7th... January flew by but the passage of time has since seemingly slowed to it's normal drudge.
I will post it at midnight, because I can't be bothered to wait later than that.
French time is 1 hour ahead of GMT, so it will be an hour early.
That was always my plan. Your whinging has changed nothing. :LOL: :LOL:
OK Folks. The new challenge is open. Please send your entries via PM (conversations) to me, rather than posting them yourself and I’ll post them in the stories thread for you.

(Assuming they pass my rigorous validation procedure. Basically, I’ll count the words.)

@THX1138 has submitted this month’s criteria as
GENRE: SFF or other Speculative Fiction
TOPIC: Hidden

So get your thinking caps on and send me your best work.
Remember, you can enter as many times as you like. So play with those criteria in as many ways as you can think of.
4 great entries so far.
And only 3 weeks (and a bit) to go.

So get your entries in now.
Don't assume that, because Elvet's going on holiday, you can be too.
Hey all! Been dealing with some family medical emergency stuff over the last three weeks. I hope to start getting some reviews out shortly, but there’s a possibility I might have to skip this one.

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