Happy Easter!
Jul 14, 2005
Just ordered Gathering from Amazon.

I was just browsing the Chrons yesterday and I came across Brian's comments regarding a soundtrack for Gathering. This recalled a vivid memory of listening to Styx while reading Dragonflight and Dragonquest. Anyway, I remembered how Brian asked me if I'd review Gathering for him back in 2015-2016. I was so busy at work at the time... we were switching locations and I was frustrated with the upcoming American elections... so I told Brian that I'd never get to it before he published. (Excuses, excusess.) I felt bad, but that was just life.

Anyway, I realized today that I now have plenty of time to read and so I should belatedly honor Brian's request. Amazonn says the book will arrive on Monday.... and I'll begin reading. I'll post my observations and my review.
Many thanks for that. :)

I literally just updated the manuscript to add a new and rewritten Prologue, then had to update it again to remove a typo, so hopefully you'll get the finished version. :)

Just in case your paperback doesn't, I've uploaded a copy here in case you would like it.


  • Prologue - new and updated.docx
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