Looking for future based sci fi book series about a super intelligent psychopathic lead, who had a rival female just as brilliant as he was


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Mar 23, 2019
Google isn't helping, but I'll try to provide any info I remember. I borrowed this book (first one in the series) from my high school library in 2014. There were at least two other books in the series out then, but I never read them. It was paperback, and there may (or may not?) have been red on the fount cover. I don't think the series was super popular, so this may be a long shot.

It was future based, focusing on some male who was super intelligent (The name Max or something starting with an M comes to mind, but I'm not totally sure about this - I think the title of the first book was also his name), but also psychopathic and the 'bad guy'. I've completely forgotten what his aims were, but he was usually always able to easily defeat rivals through some clever/creative get away. I believe the book started with him doing some clever escape from a seemingly inescapable situation.

Then a female character who matches his intelligence and wit is introduced, whose primary difference to him is that she can feel empathy. She was described as very beautiful, and in particular I remember she came from another planet with stronger gravity and had superior muscles because of this. When he first finds out about and they go head-to-head, he is excited because he actually has a rival that will challenge him. There's a least one situation after this where he thinks he has killed her but she tricked him. I don't believe the two ever fall in love or anything (don't think the male lead was capable of love), but I think they team up in one of the other books in the series.

Can't think of much else, but hopefully this is enough for anyone who has read this book to identify it. Thanks for reading, and hopefully someone can help!

It's slightly backwards, but if your male lead is the good guy / morally challenged but brilliant thief (James Bolivar DeGrizz) and the female lead is the sociopathic but equally brilliant baddie (Angela) you could be thinking of the Stainless Steel Rat books by Harry Harrison. There's six or seven books in the series.

Cheers, Greg.
There are elements of the description that almost could be taken for the DeathStalker series by Simon Green.
However, some of the description doesn't quit connect with my recollections.
The smart bad guy and equally smart bad girl sounds a lot like the beginning of Ender's Game...
Has elements of The Gap Cycle by Stephen Donaldson.

(Real Story/Forbidden Knowledge/A Dark and Hungry God Arises/Chaos and Order/This Day All Gods Die)