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Oct 5, 2023
What the Moon Left Behind: New and Standout Post-Apocoalytic Tale Asks ‘When All is Lost, Will Love save Planet Earth?’

In his mesmerising new sci-fi tale, What the Moon Left Behind, author B Mitchell takes readers two hundred years on from the conquering of Earth. Finally, finding a weakness that gives humans a chance to fight back against the alien overlords and their unstoppable psychic powers, are the two female protagonists in this page-turner the only chance humanity has to flourish once again?

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B Mitchell



Whilst the sci-fi genre bursts with post-apocalyptic tales, this one stands out from the crowd when it comes to recounting earth’s devastation and seemingly dystopian future.

With the author’s expertise as a storyteller and worldbuilder captivating from the get-go, B Mitchell delivers suspense in spades as his tale of aliens who have cloned human DNA unfolds. But with the addition of unexpected adult content, in the form of lesbian protagonists, this novel is as much about its character’s goals and motivations as it is war on earth’s alien masters and the love life of its lead characters.

A compelling read that is capturing the imagination of all.

In a world where human civilization has been all but wiped out, and the last humans are rummaging through the remains, a strange ship enters the sky.

This alien invasion was like nothing else they had seen before. A highly intelligent species, the aliens had copied human DNA and assumed human form. Now it was up to them to figure out how to live as humans on this strange planet…

However, humans wouldn’t go down without a fight. This novel explores the complicated clash of cultures, with two worlds colliding and creating something new.

In the midst of all the turmoil, two women find love and hope. Will that be enough to get them through the post-apocalyptic times? Or will they have to develop some new skills, become someone they’d never thought they’d be?

There’s no other way to find out than diving straight into this imaginative, adventurous, and suspenseful sci-fi novel.

The characters that populate this strange world all have their own goals and motivations. However, once things come to a head, they will have to choose a side and fight for what’s right.

When all hope seems lost, will it be the love that saves them?

With five-star reviews, Amazon readers say:

“As a long time, Sci Fi fan and avid reader, I'm always looking for a new take on the genre, and a fresh perspective. I have not been left wanting for either in this exciting and intriguing foray into the field by B Mitchell. A highly recommended must read for the people of 2023, or 2223!” – Arik Fletcher

“A really good sci fi novel with an immersive world, highly recommend.” – Ivy’s40

Independently published, What The Moon Left Behind is available in hardcover (ISBN No: 979-8862110807) priced £19.99, paperback (ISBN No: 979-8859414802) priced £9.99 and Kindle format (£0.80 and available on Kindle Unlimited) on Amazon at / and

About the author:

B Mitchell grew up in Zimbabwe during the height of Robot Mugabe's rule and watched the Zimbabwean economy implode. He then moved to South Africa in his late teens and started studying IT but he failed to get a job so moved on to England where he began working in IT in what is now known as an MSP or multi-service provider.

he says: “I have been working in IT since moving to the UK but always wanted to write. I published a book that did not do well but wrote another one during a sabbatical from IBM, at which time I always had trouble with my handwriting after doing some research I discovered I had dyspraxia a bit of shock, but it sort of makes sense now. My entire department got made redundant, and wrote my third one, which is right now being edited.”


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