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Oct 20, 2013
17th September 2009 04:25 AM

David Allen

For Stargate fans, there is only a matter of weeks before Stargate Universe is launch in the US and hopefully a short while later the show will come to the UK.

But it would seem that this newer grown up version of the science fiction series that brought us over three hundred hours of entertainment, this is the coming of age for Stargate and that could also be the same for the fans.

The story follows a band of characters familiar with the Stargate programme but who are transported across the galaxy onto an automated ship named the Destiny. This ship is on a pre programmed tour of the stargate system and they are stuck on it.

There are some familiarities with Star Trek: Voyager and yet this series needs to move beyond that comparison and according to the press releases, it might just do it.

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