Neil Gaiman on the books that most influenced him

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
Lovely. Whatever one thinks of Gaiman as a writer, he always comes across like someone you'd find fascinating to visit with over a cup of coffee -- or, I suppose, tea.
Those headings would make a good thread on here for everyone to chip in.
In fact, I think some of them already are threads - 'currently reading' :unsure:
This is a very nice article. In one of his essays Gaiman talks about going up to London as a teenager in the 1970s to Dark They Were and Golden Eyed, a famous SF bookshop in Soho. He has documented his reading development very well one way and another.
Not surprising that he mentions Harlan Ellison being an influence .:cool:
I know that Neil Gaiman liked the writings
of Roger Zelazny. I Believe Zelazny is George RR Martin's favorite Author.

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