neil gaiman

  1. Vince W

    Interview with Neil Gaiman

    Some interesting things but nothing you probably don't know already.
  2. Vince W

    Neil to appear on The Big Bang Theory

    The show itself is pretty bland but I may have to give this episode a look. It airs 19 April in the US. I don't know about elsewhere. Scoop: Coming Up On All New THE BIG BANG THEORY, Guest Starring Neil Gaiman on CBS The Big Bang Theory Based on what I've seen of the show I don't think any of...
  3. Teresa Edgerton

    Gaiman adaptation of Gormenghast for TV

    If this is not a belated April Fool's joke it sounds like it could be amazing:
  4. Vince W

    Anansi Boys on Radio 4

    Lenny Henry as Anansi, great! BBC Radio 4 on Twitter Lenny Henry to star in new Neil Gaiman adaptation Anansi Boys on BBC Radio 4 BBC Radio 4 - Anansi Boys
  5. Werthead

    Gaiman working on a NEVERWHERE sequel

    Neil Gaiman has confirmed that he his currently working on a sequel to Neverwhere, his 1997 novel based on the BBC TV mini-series he developed with British comedian Lenny Henry. Gaiman has been easing back into the Neverwhere world for the last few years. There was a major BBC radio adaptation...
  6. Nick B

    Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology

    Is anyone else looking forward to this? Havn't heard anyone talking about it yet.
  7. Vince W

    Good Omens Coming to BBC and Amazon

    Looks like we're going to get an adaptation in 2018. Narrativia announce their first major television Co-Production with BBC Studios and Neil Gaiman’s Blank Corporation Agnes Nutter predicted this.
  8. tylenol4000

    American Gods sequel

    A while back Neil Gaiman mentioned he was working on a sequel to American Gods. He's mentioned it a few times actually. I'm pretty sure he even talked about working on it on his blog. Does anyone have any insight into the American Gods sequel? I haven't heard anything about it from him in...
  9. Silver Owl

    Trigger Warning: Short Fictions and Disturbances (2015)

    Neil Gaiman has a new short fiction collection entitled Trigger Warning to be released in February 2015. Let's Discuss
  10. Mouse

    Starz Developing American Gods

    Starz Developing ‘American Gods’ Series - Ratings | Didn't Starz make that crappy Camelot show?
  11. Mouse

    Which Neil Gaiman Heroine Are You?

    *heroine. Bit of silliness: Which Neil Gaiman Heroine Are You? I got Door from Neverwhere.
  12. Jo Zebedee

    Passive characters

    Having recently devoured The Ocean At the End of the Lane, I've picked up and enjoyed Neverwhere and am currently making my way through American Gods which I'm loving in some sections and skimming in others. I'm surprised at how passive Gaiman's mc - particularly the men - are. It works...
  13. Jo Zebedee

    The Ocean At The End of The Lane - Neil Gaiman

    The second fairy-tale inspired book I've read in the last week and another class act. Our nameless narrator hooks from the first line when he attends an un-named funeral and finds himself drawn away from his duties to the house he grew up in as a child and from there to the farm at the end of...
  14. S

    American Gods: review

    5th September 2012 01:31 PM Brian Turner (Note, this is a review of the “Authors Preferred Text” edition) I enjoyed reading the Sandman comics in the 1990′s. So when I picked up American Gods, and found it started like an extension of the Sandman universe through its use of mythical...
  15. S

    Dr Who episode to be written by Neil Gaiman

    8th February 2010 04:20 AM David Allen Fresh from his success at the SFX science fiction awards 2010, the award winning science fiction writer Neil Gaiman has announced that he has written an episode for the BBC sci-fi hit show Dr Who. However fan will not be seeing the result of this work as...
  16. S

    Neil Gaiman: The Graveyard Book

    3rd January 2009 04:22 PM Brian Turner I picked up The Graveyard Book with a sense of trepidation. I was originally a reader of The Sandman comic series, starting at Issue #8. I also enjoyed his graphic novel work. However, I stopped my subscription to The Sandman two story arcs from the...
  17. P

    The Ocean at the End of the Lane

    Today is publication day for 'The Ocean at the End of the Lane', Neil Gaiman's latest book for adults. Anyone got it? I was lucky enough to go to an event last night in London at which Neil spoke about this new book, about many of his previous books, and about many other things besides. He was...
  18. Pedro Del Mar

    Sandman - fantasy or horror?

    Just finished absolute sandman 1. Really enjoyed it but found certain parts were more in the line of fantasy than horror. Please could someone who's read the whole series give me a clue (without spoiling anything!) if the rest of the series continues this fantasy style or if it dips back into...
  19. Mouse

    Neil's dog, Cabal.

    Urgh, this broke my heart. :(
  20. Culhwch

    Gaiman's 'The Price' - Upcoming Animated Short Adaptation

    The Price is one of my favourite of Neil Gaiman's short stories, and I just saw this animatic (of sorts) posted over at io9 of an upcoming animated short based upon it: I actually quite...