Probably Russian author: Average man sees Thunderball, and the world slows down


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Apr 14, 2022
I remember reading a book probably from a Russian author. As I remember the plot was something like he lived in a small town, and has seen a ball thunder,which maybe went through him. Next day when he woke up, everything was frozen, like if the world has slowed down,but later he realized that he is the one living much faster.

I remember like maybe he had to eat a lot and find water to bath to avoid overheating. Not sure, I just remember the plot and storyline was interesting. Hopefully someone could help me out with the title!:) Thank you in advance!
Interesting idea but at first I assumed from the title that he went to see the movie Thunderball, and then the world slowed down when he left the theater!
Ball thunder, or ball lightning? Was it mentioned by either name in the title or the text?
I read the book in Hungarian. I guess the correct translation is ball lightning. I don't think it was in the title, but yes in the text. It was an atmospheric electrical phenomenon. Maybe it was happening close to a power plant.
Sorry if someone thought he was watching Thunderball movie:D
Another thing I remember from the plot. Time was much faster for him, and everyone was much slower. He tried to make messages to someone,had problems. With pen the ink was not flowing , typewriter keys can not be smashed,and with pencil the paper started to burn.
So, if this was a Hungarian translation of a Russian book, did you read it in Hungary? There may not have ever been an English translation of the book, and many of the book search resources will not be of any use to us.

It does sound interesting. I'm not suggesting any of these are the answer, but accelerated time and time reduction are popular science fiction elements or superpowers - from the Star Trek, original series 3rd season episode, "Wink of an Eye", to Ben 10, Charmed, and Dragon Ball Z. Slowed down time is also the subject of the David Brin short story, "The River of Time" (first published in 1981 as "Coexistence" in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine). The River of Time – Unfit Magazine

I believe Lightning, or Ball Lightning, is not such a popular subject, so maybe searching that aspect might yield more results. I only know of the Dean Koontz novel "Lightning" where time travel results from the effects of a storm.

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