Announcement: The Official SFF Chronicles Podcast!

Dan Jones

Der Vater absurder Geschichten
Nov 14, 2014
I am here to do the thing!
Calling all Chronners!

From January 2022 Chrons will have a new string to its bow as we enter the world of podcasting with the launch of the official SFF Chronicles Podcast!

The show will be hosted by Chris Bean (@Phyrebrat) and me. We will initially release a season of twelve monthly episodes, with each episode focusing on a single piece of work from the SFFH (we're not forgetting Horror!) genres. Each episode will feature a special guest to enrich our conversations and bring something new to the party. As it stands we feel that a season of twelve episodes will allow us to explore four fantasy works, four SF works, and four from horror. The focus will be on writing and books, but I have a feeling that we’ll branch into films and TV territory as well.

We’ll also try and focus on some of the commercial and technical aspects of writing, and perhaps weave in a feature for Challenge entries. Chrons has always had such a rich writing culture, and we want to support that and grow it where we can.

This is something that we’ve wanted to do for a while for various reasons, and we’ve been squirreling away for a few months to try and figure out a way to make this work. We’re now at the stage where we feel we are ready and able to create something that is worthy of the Chrons name and that would be enjoyed by the community.

Chrons has been a source of immense inspiration, support, an outlet for creativity and a hub for networking and creating new friends and contacts. It certainly helped me in my own writing and publishing journey, and there are many others who will no doubt say the same. So we envisaged this podcast as a way of thanking the Chrons community and giving something back we can all enjoy, and also to inject a new and different type of energy to it, which might spark new conversations and bring new people to the site.

For now, we are approaching guests and curating content for the first season, and also building the look and feel of the podcast. Chris or I will post updates here as we get them, and post links to episodes as they are released, starting from the new year. I'm sure there will be questions and comments, so please ask away, and we'll do our best to answer them, though please do bear with us over the next few months as we bring everything together.

We'd also like to thank Brian Turner for giving us the freedom to run with this; everyone at Chrons owes Brian a debt of gratitude for bringing us (all 20,000 of us!!!) together, so we will try and do you and everybody else at Chrons proud. Thanks also to @HareBrain and the other staffers for their support.

We hope that everyone will listen in, enjoy it, support it and spread the word. Viva Chrons!
Brilliant! I'll certainly be tuning in!
Sounds promising :)
There are so many people on here more knowledgeable about the history of SFFH than me, but if you ever want to make an episode about my extremely narrow area of expertise (pre-Disney Star Wars) I'm your man. I can also fake accents from the following countries: England, Scotland, Australia, Canada, and Spain.
Sounds brilliant! I hear they’re threatening to subtitle Brannagh‘s new Belfast Film cos no one understands a word of such polished, polite accents.
Well, I think I'd understand. I might need transcripts to work out what those London people are saying, though. ;)
And what about the risk of our illusions being shattered if they interview a Chrons member, and we find they don't sound at all how we thought?
And what about the risk of our illusions being shattered if they interview a Chrons member, and we find they don't sound at all how we thought?
Ah, we've thought of that. We'll take the transcripts of each episode and then get Stephen Fry in to read them, and release that. Job's a good'un.

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