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Aug 21, 2007

The repercussions of the Aldhani heist reach all the way to Coruscant, while Cassian returns home.
IMDB score: 8.3 Runtime: 53 minutes (-6 for title and credits)
I still don't have my normal glasses, so I am doing this in gangsta style, with sunnies on my nose. After all, we are watching one of the darkest SW series that Disney has managed to put in a long while, and they're not afraid of showing the dirt. On both sides.

To be frank, neither the Imperium nor the Rebellion are exactly the purest of the pure. And the MC is far from being anything other than a terrorist in the Imperial Eyes, while on the Rebellion, thing has been allowed to slide well towards the smelly pile of atrocities and war crimes.

War is a nasty business.


Karn is so lucky that Mum has a place with the daylight windows, when the fact could be that she would be living below Coruscant surface, never been able to see the sun. Those who have places closer to the surface are well-connected and most probably rich or part of the upper-middle class, whereas most of the population lives below the Coruscant surface and don't have means to make their lives better.

Can you imagine being a refuge on that planet?

In Karn's situation, he was very lucky that Mum had organized him a job interview, because to be honest it could have been worse. The Bureau of Standard is a nice cosy office job for the former deputy inspector. Not much action, but it's a steady job until the retirement days.


The Imperium Security Council didn't take the heist well, and I still cannot believe that they managed to pull only 80 million in the job. The boss claimed that the only thing they needed to answer was, "How tight to close our fist?" instead of what really happened, and how we can improve on things so that they don't happen again?

The fist business should be Vader's territory, but it seems that in the early days into the rebellion, they weren't really understanding anything, and levying, "A tribute tax five times the amount stolen from Aldhani to any sector harbouring partisan activity," another reason for the citizens to organize themselves for the rebellion.

Colonel Yularen claimed, "I spoke with Emperor Palpatine last night, and he's assured me that the ISB will be taking the lead going forward. No one in this room should have trouble accessing Army or Naval resources in future," but I'm most certain the ISB isn't there, when the rebellion jumps on big time. "Any criminal act, with even indirect effect on the Empire, will be henceforth be branded as Class One Offensive in the future."

LOL. When the director doesn't understand what the action will do, because anything can be seen as a criminal act, and everything therefore should get an equal amount of the resources to commit an action. Dedra Meetro weren't happy about it, as she claimed that the act was playing straight into the rebellion hands. Smart woman.


Finally they gave us an angle to get this shot. I admire Mon Motha's car so much. It is very iconic looking luxury speeded for the diplomats, whereas in the movies we only saw the open-top sport models. Maybe there are a lot of things that we haven't been able to see so far, because the movies were so limited in the scope.

I was surprised that Mon Mothma hadn't realized that the Aldhani op was a rebellion attack. But the Buyer wasn't. He knew exactly what he'd order, because "the rebellions are expensive," as he so kindly put it.

"I thought you were building a network," Mon defended her perspective.

"What were my words?" Luthen growled back.

"This is something entirely--"

"'Turning back will be impossible'" he recalled. "You knew where this was going. You've always known. Has anyone made a weapon that wasn't ever used? The network has been built. It's up. It grows or it dies. We've waited long enough."

"Do you realize--"

"Exactly," the Buyer snapped. "We need that fear."

That is a marvellous play on the Rebellion early leadership. Luthien committed to his move and rolled hard to get it done, and the whole rebellion movement started, instaed of allowing the Imperium slow rot away in the corruption.

Later in the evening, the Senator met her old banker friend Tay Kolma and confessed to him on the side-business in front of all diplomatic guests. "The Mon Mothma people think they know, it's a lie. It's projection. A front. I've learned from Palpatine. I show you the stone in my hand, you miss the knife at your throat."

"Where is this going, Mon?" Tay asked.

"The Grand Vizier has infiltrated my Separatist Coalition meetings," she suggested. "My driver is an ISB plant and reports on my secret humanitarian programs. They know they watch me, and I want that, because as long as everyone thinks I'm an irritation, there's a good chance they'll miss what I'm really doing."

"What's that?"

"Raising money," the Senator answered. "I need to access my family accounts..."

Oh, what a smart player. No wonder why Palpatine couldn't find her for so long time.


It surprised me that Andor went back to Ferrix to move grandma out of her propert after the bankjob. But it didn't surprise me that the rebellion organized an assassin, while the Imperium only put boots on the ground. Unlike the usual grandma Maarva were happy on the uprooting activity. Usually they never are, because it's such a brutal thing to take elder out of their home and make them a refugee. They rather live in whatever, because they have nothing elsewhere. Not her.

At Bix's place, things weren't going well either. She told that the people had started resenting Cassius killing two corpos and bringing Imperial boots on the ground. It surprised me that Andor wanted to know what Bix knew about the Buyer. Because she's couldn't give him the info, Cassius relayed a message for breaking down the relations, "He needs to forget about me. And that goes for everybody."

The biggest thing was paying off the dept, 12 000 credits with a wad that he pulled out from a sleeve of his boot. That there proves me that they nicked far more than 80 million, because if a small wad is twelve grand then several cubic meters is definitely billions.

When he came back, grandma wasn't leaving. Her reason, "The Rebellion."

"So now you're taking on the Empire?" Cassius snided.

Maarva sighed. "Laugh, if you want to." (I ain't going.)

"Who's laughing? This is madness."

"No, it's not," Maarva snapped back. "It's overdue, and probably doomed, and I'm too old, and I don't care anymore. For 13 years, every time I walk down Rix Road, I turned off before I get to the square. I take the long way around so that I don't have to think about Clem hanging there."

Old people are like builders tea, full energy that's gained from the bitter hatred on the past things, on the choices and consequences. On everything that should have been but wasn't, and it all ended tits up regardless of what your choices. That brew is so strong that it'll keep you going for a long, long time, but it tastes bitter.

"Yesterday," Marva continued with a smile on her face. "I heard about this attack at Aldhani. Have you heard about this?"

"What about it?" Cassius asked fearfully.

"Well, Bee played me the news. Do you know what I'm talking about?"

Andor shied his eyes. "Yeah, yea, the garrison at Aldhani."

"I heard that, and I put on my best coat and I walked across the square with a smile on my face. If there are heroes brave enough to take on a while Imperial garrison, I'm brave enough to stick out here."

Whatever it takes. Sometimes you have to put down your roots and fight for them. For everything that you believe, even if the system you're facing is oppressing. Cassius couldn't understand that because he'd been in the fight forever and all he wanted was to escape. Not to continue the bloody fight.


I believe this is the first time we've ever seen a pleasure planet in SW history. I just cannot believe that it's another sand planet and not a tropical paradise that Andor chose as his escape place. Like a natural spy he'd chosen himself a new name under Keef Girgo.

Thing was that the Imperium were there as well, with rare shoretroopers holding the ground, and he weren't able to run away from them. And therefore he got six-year sentence for "Anti-imperial speech," even though he were only trying to lie low as "a tourist."

I thought Cassian showed remarkable restraint by not blurting out "That was me!" as Maarva praised the heroes who robbed the garrison and declared her dedication to the rebellion. Every son wants to please his mom.
His planned life of leisure took an unexpected turn with his arrest and 6-year sentence for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes you just can't escape karma.
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I thought Cassian showed remarkable restraint by not blurting out "That was me!" as Maarva praised the heroes who robbed the garrison and declared her dedication to the rebellion. Every son wants to please his mom.
I bet there's going to be bollocking once the old lady catches on Caz activities. I don't think he has no other choice but to escape from an Imperial Prison and probably get more people recruited into the rebellion, no matter how much he'd like to just forget about it.
I really enjoyed this episode. Great to see the machinations of Mon Mothma trying to get the Rebellion started. (Genevieve O'Reilly is excellent). It was also great to see the despair that people go through in their day to day lives in the Empire. For years we've been booing them for being the bad guys without really seeing why. Now we get a glimpse. A very cruel and uncaring system. More if this please.
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Mon Mothma's dialogue with the banker was superb. :)

Also enjoyed the imperial exchange among the ISB heads. :)

And it was good to see Cass go back to pay his debts, and his Ma's answer about being free in her mind. Also good that the series wasn't going to follow a stict routine or 3 episodes each dominated by a different setting.

And at the end liked the idea that Cass cannot escape the injustice of the empire any more than anyone else, so he's going to be forced to act - just like anyone else.

Looking forward to the next one. :)

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