(FOUND) looking for this book for YEARS. Shape shifting blue reptilian Alien species Vaad Raatch, van with cloaking called Stark Revenge, DNA weapon


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Jan 16, 2021
I have searched high and low.
It was a book I read about 10 years ago. The cover is mostly black with a big silver greyish title up top, the font is spikey in some way.
The book is written from a teenage boy's perspective. It starts with the boy and his parents driving along in a car to somewhere in the night. The car crashes, fire everywhere. Parents dead. Mysterious man comes to save the boy. They walk through foliage, to an empty clearing in a forest. The man's van appears, it can be cloaked/invisible to lay low from the 'enemy'.
The man wears a cap, dark clothes and keeps a low profile. Has a serious demeanor. The kid loosens him up along the way however.
Inside the van its much bigger and resembled some high tech spacecraft. The man talks to his 'commander' Tor Kobal, a hologram of her on the dashboard.
The van can fly. It's a shapeshifting air/space craft. The man says the van/craft is called 'Stark Revenge'. They get chased by other alien spacecraft, the enemy called 'Vaad Raatch'. Their spacecraft are aggressive looking, and black.
The cloaking shield on the Stark Revenge gets shot in the airborne dogfight. They have to land as they are no longer cloaked.
They abandon the van. They walk. This book had a lot of walking and trekking.They walk for ages.
They find some shops. They eat either a burger or a waffle. Mysterious guy is new to it.
He doesn't say much.
Man hires a car, somehow. They drive. Talk.
The man says the kids DNA forms part of a blueprint for a weapon which can help his race win a war against the 'Vaad Raatch'/Vaad Rätch'. There are 2 other pieces, built into the DNA of 2 other teens, on Earth elsewhere.
They get chased and spotted a few times. They're on the run throughout. The man buys new clothes, a hawaiian shirt and a hat. And relays information, in an alien language, to his commander Tor Kobal. On his wristwatch, this time I think.
At some point, the mysterious alien man reveals he is able to shapeshift, and shows the kid his true form. Scaly blue reptilian looking skin. Yellow eyes I think. Not sure.
They're on their way to the second kids house. The kid is asleep at home. Mysterious man and kid 1 kidnap her.
I can't remember what happens between here and the end.
They get back to the van somehow. Restore the cloaking somehow.
Fly into space. Huge huge Vaad Raatch enemy spaceship intercepts them, entrance opens, bright blinding white light, they get pulled in.
Turns out, the man himself is Vaad Raatch. And turns out the kids are too. Main kid shapeshifts into true form, and in the mirror sees his own skin become blue scaly and resemble reptile.
Not sure why the man lied about Vaad Raatch. Not sure what happened to the other 2 kids/pieces of DNA/weapon.
Not sure what the name of this author or book is. Seems like I don't even need to read it again since I have most it in my head already. Sometimes I think I might have dreamt it, because I can't find it anywhere.
It was a great read, and I'd love to find it.
Holy crap man. You've found it. Thank you so much man I'm over the moon. You've made my year! How did you find it?
Best wishes
Just did a bunch of google searches by the keywords you put in the OP.

The one that brought up those posts was:

"raatch" scifi "novel"

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