(Found) "Looking for a Young Adult; Science Fiction (Adventure ) Book"


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Jul 28, 2020
This was a trilogy I read a while back and I totally forgot everything about the series. I want to get these books for a friend but I can not remember the title. Anyway, here goes, here is everything I remember: So the book originally takes place on planet earth. Earth has already been invaded by an alien species with advanced technology. From planet Illry or something like that. The main characters are primarily teenagers (involving two brothers and one teenage girl who is actually from the invading planet BUT she was born on Earth), at some point the older of the brothers becomes involved with the girl. Something happens and the brothers are to be hanged. However, there are some interventions and the boys are essentially placed in a teen army commanded by the alien. The girl (alien) finally visits her home planet or at least one of the moons of the planet where she essentially joins this fraternity where they develop and train their mental abilities....