(Found) Searching for mid 2000s book, Boy saves the land


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Jul 1, 2020
OK first post here. This one been eating me for years. I got it out the new book shelves in a library in mid 2000s. Can't remember much besides the plot otherwise me and Google could pry figure it out. So thanks in advance for any help and here goes

So the book starts off with a boy (possibly the prince) waking up and realizing he has some kind of condition or disease. As soon as the guard or someone notices they haul him away to either another city or to the middle of theirs. He is then locked in the city with other people with the condition (they all kinda treated like lepers)
That's the beginning. Then, it tells of how the condition use to be a great thing. When you got it it would like elevate you. You'd get white hair and boost in physical attributes. I think. But now people just get sickly. So the boy goes around the city. Turns out the power is connected to the land and some symbol. So when an earthquake hit, it changed the landscape. So their power gets twisted till the boy makes a mark or something tjrough the city for the earth quake. They all return to super people and I think happily ever after.

That's all I got. Anything would be appreciated.
Fantasy, sci-fi, future, past, present, medieval, ancient? Time, clothing, technology, economics or other information might help.