(Found) searching for comedic fantasy series from mid-late 80's; young wizard, club that cannot be owned only rented


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May 27, 2021
I can't remember much of this series, let alone a title. But as a child I recall it being funny and a great read, at least for the first book or two. The main character was a young wizard I think, and his companion had an evil club that could not be owned, but only rented. Occasionally, a demon would appear and demand payment, and if payment wasn't made they would be set upon by demons. Also someone almost drowned in pudding at some point I think, but this is all fleeting memories. Please help, I really want to re-discover this series and see if my sons will enjoy them. Thank you for any help!!
If my memory perhaps 'A Maladie of Magicks, by Craig Shaw Gardner? ( the Ebenezum trilogy). Apprentice Wuntvor, Wizard Ebenezum, sidekick clubman Hendrek (club 'headbasher)


Holy Cow I think you nailed it! I spent 20 minutes googling and got nowhere, thank you so much! I'm going to go buy these immediately. Well, the first few at least and we'll see what the kids think