Book series about a group of teenagers, who got stuck in an island in New York because a red army militia closed it off. Read in 2015ish


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Apr 29, 2020
Ive been trying to find this book for years, please tell me if this rings any bells.

The book started off with a football star who after taking this special red powdered drug, dies of it. The main character rides his bike and sees a comet fall from the sky, nothing like he has ever seen before. They managed to escape the island but realized that the rest of the world is destroyed, and there are these huge space ships that can swallow up a building whole. They later find out that the people that destroyed everything are people from the future. Sometime ago, in a nuclear explosion, they managed to open up a portal to a certain time in the Future. And in that future, the world is way overpopulated, there are like 4 total countries left, and the polar ice caps melted, which made the water level rise exponentially.

This is about all i can think of, please help me find this book.

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