Machen Rarities; Books Around Machen Series


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Aug 21, 2010
There's a great deal of activity at Darkly Bright going on.

1.Every week, Darkly Bright publishes rare items by Arthur Machen. Some of these are ephemeral, but often there is some element of authentic interest for the Machen enthusiast, and his personality usually comes through. These entries will enhance one's understanding of the man and his mind, even while sometimes required to write about topics that would not have been his first choice.

Here is a sample:

There are something like 60 or more Machen pieces in this series so far.

2."Books Around Machen" is an occasional series about literature that interested Machen. As of today's date, three entries have appeared, on (1) The High Historyof the Holy Graal, Sebastian Evans's celebrated rendering of the medieval Perlesvaus; (2) a book Machen claimed to have read around 20 times, Elizabeth Gaskell's Life of Charlotte Brontë; and Walter de la Mare's outstanding story collection On the Edge, which included the famous ghostly story "Crewe." (It's the first story, "The Recluse," that Machen wrote about most, so this BAM column looks at the other seven stories too.)

Here's the current one:

Note that Darkly Bright invites readers to discuss the postings. Interesting tangents appear about Machen's contemporaries, London, Gwent, etc.
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Why did Machen read Gaskell's Life of Charlotte Brontë so many times, does he explain somewhere?
Did you get a chance to read my column in the Books Around Machen series on the Life? I wouldn't have much to add to that. Machen must have felt the book was strong on the things he most valued in his reading. It wouldn't be too hard to relate the Life to Machen's theory in Hieroglyphics, etc.


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