Massive Witchblade complete series bundle


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Aug 22, 2007
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I know we've a thread for them, but this bundle is so awesome that I think it deserves its own thread to get noticed!
Humble Bundle currently has the following up for grabs for Witchblade

Interesting one because this focuses on the start of the tale (which was missing from some other bundles done last year if I recall right).

T1 £1
Angelus Vol1 (Issues 1-6 - all)
Artifacts Vol 1 and 2
Witchblade Origins Genesis 1,2,3 (Basically issues 1 through to 25)
Witchblade issues 26-79 (all single issues never put into a volume)

T2 £6.50
The Magdalena Origins
The Necromancer
Darkness Levels
Artifacts Vol 3 and 4
Witchblade vol 1- 8 (issues 80 -130)
Witchblade Redemption Vol 1-4 (121-150)

T3 £11.50
The Darkness/Pitt Vol 1
The Darkness Compendium Vol 1
Artifacts Issues 30-40 (ends here)
Artifacts Vol 5 and 6
Witchblade Case Files
Witchblade Due Process
Witchblade Day of Outlaws
Witchblade Rebirth vol 1,2,3,4 (issues 151-169)
Witchblade Borne Again vol 1,2,3 (issues 170-END!)
Witchblade 2017 Vol 1,2

This is basically the ENTIRE core series of Witchblade, plus several complete supporting series as well as the "brother series" The Darkness Compendium 1 (which is basically half of the Darkness series - so a massive amount in its own right).
If that wasn't enough there's also the first two published volumes for the new Witchblade series (2017).

Basically this is a one-stop get everything Witchblade bundle - ideal to fill in gaps or to make a start. For the price of T3 at only £11.50 that is a massive steal of a price.

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