Super Massive Black Holes could contain dark energy


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Feb 16, 2013
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The article is interesting but the more I read, the more confused I become. I've just recently got to grips with the idea that the existence of dark energy/matter has been more or less corroborated by the gravitational lensing effect that it causes. However, this article says: Instead of dark energy being smeared out across spacetime, as many physicists have assumed, the scientists suggest that it is created and remains inside black holes

Consider me even more confused now because, if the dark energy resides in black holes, the gravitational lensing seen where there are no black holes must be caused by some other undetected matter/energy. And, if there is a black hole in the vicinity, that in itself would cause gravitational lensing. We know that black holes swallow matter so how to differentiate between known mass and unknown mass causing the same effect in the same vicinity?
The article brings up more questions than answers for me. If you assume dark energy exists and is not out of phase with the universe we are in, if dark energy did not end up in black holes, that would mean it was exempt from being pulled in by black holes. I suppose it could be arranged so that dark energy could be repelled by black holes and wouldn't be found in them, otherwise I would imagine black holes do have dark energy in them but once in them does it stay intact. If dark matter was immune to gravity, it could be found scattered randomly throughout the universe or it could clump together forming an alternate system within the universe. If dark energy was immune to the forces of the black hole, and was attracted by energy or matter, it could end up intact inside a black hole by simply being carried along with everything going into a black hole.
From what I understand Dark Energy is what Einstein first proposed (then rejected) as his Cosmological Constant. If what they claim turns out to be true it could explain why the expansion of the universe appears to be accelerating. Perhaps, it's speeding up due to the increased number of Black Holes since the Big Bang. Interesting article.

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