Massive Longshot but please put a man out of his misery


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Jun 6, 2021
I once owned and enjoyed a sci-fi book which I do not currently own, lost during a house move, but I cannot remember the name and it is driving me insane.
The book had at least 2 separate stories but there could have been more. I was a large book with a red and white cover and each story was a book in itself.
The first story was about a trip to a far planet, possibly Mars, and they were in cryo tubes, something went wrong and all I can remember was they all knew they were going to die.
The second story was almost a western style story but set in the future with the characters using exoskeleton suits which they fought in and the part of the fight I remembered the most is a part of the fight took place in Disney World car park.
Thank you for ready this and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Your second story, I don't know, but possibly the same as this (unanswered) question.....
Hello, I passed your question on to a knowledgeable friend who suggested the following...
The first story could be "We Remember it for Wholesale" by Philip K. Dick which was made as the film TOTAL RECALL. The second one sounds like WESTWORLD by Michael Crichton, made as a film and TV show too.
Hi Barry thanks but no joy. Both stories were written by the same author and I have read Westworld, seen the film and the TV show and it is not that one

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