Help finding scifi short story book, one story involved giant telepathic wasps!


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Feb 25, 2020
I found this book in my middle school library, it was around 2010 when I read it, and it was a collection of scifi short stories. I had only grabbed the book to look busy in class so I only read a few sentences here and there but I did read one of the chapters all the way through and it's stuck with me for all these years because of how weird and inappropriate it seemed for a middle school library to have.

The story was about a man in a tribe of humans with no technology. The man and several other men were sent out hunting, one of the other members of the party was the mans best friend I believe. Outside of their village there were nests of giant wasps. The man fell through the ground into one of the wasp nests, but this wasp was different from the others. It had telepathic powers and was able to communicate with the man, I don't remember exactly what was said but I think it had something to do with the wasp claiming ownership of the man? At some point during the trip the mans friend was killed by one of the wasps, and since the man was the one in charge of the party he was blamed by the rest of the tribe. The mans wife was also angry with him and they fought, the man ended up trying to force himself onto his wife but stopped before he actually did and instead tried to go to sleep. During the night the wasp began talking to the man telepathically again and made him feel as if he was having a sexual encounter. The man was extremely embarrassed by what happened. I don't really remember what happened after that but I think it involved the tribe continuing to treat the man badly because of his friends death and the wasp continuing to bother him, but eventually the man had enough and ran away from the tribe. The ending involved the man trying to get away from the wasp but the telepathic connection couldn't seem to be broken and when the man came across another human the wasp once again made the man experience what I think was a sexual encounter and told the man that if he tried to live with humans again the wasp would just continue the encounters. The man was too ashamed to let anyone knowing what the wasp was doing to him and I believe the story ended with the man, alone, just wandering aimlessly with the wasp in his mind.

If it's any help at all I vaguely remember part of another of the stories, it involved a man going to a party to meet someone. The only things I really remember of that story are that there was a drug of some kind, I believe that's why the man went to the party, and that the people he was there to meet included a man and woman. The woman was apparently very beautiful and had unshaven armpits, and I think she had red hair. Not sure what good that info will do but maybe if someone who has read this book sees it they'll know what I'm talking about.

If anyone here has any info at all on this book I'd be incredibly grateful! It's been bugging me for years that I can't remember the name of this book and since it was my old school's library I can't go back and try to find it on a self. Every time I try looking it up I only find results for books entirely about giant wasps or bugs but the book wasn't dedicated to that subject alone so I haven't been able to find anything.
The wasp story gives me vague vibes of Protectorate by Mick Farren but it's been a looooong time since I read it.

I know that was a full length novel but he might have based it on a short story
I think Colin Wilson wrote a novel about giant telepathic spiders. Might it have been that?

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