Roger MacBride Allen - Chronicles of Solace


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Nov 5, 2019
My daughter recently sent me back some of my books that she has accumulated over the years (thus resolving
several small mysteries, because I had forgotten that she had them). Amongst them was the Chronicles of
Solace series from Roger MacBride Allen.

I recall enjoying this series (three books: The Depths of Time (2000), The Ocean of Tears (2002), and The Depths of Tomorrow (2003).
The novels dealt with planet terraforming projects, a mystery about the main scientist responsible, and featured a different method
of interstellar travel using wormholes and time travel.

I had a look at the Wikipedia page for MacBride Allen; he doesn't appear to have written any SF after 2008, and nothing since 2010. I don't
remember reading any other of his novels. The link to his webpage is dead.

There are a few three-book series listed on Wikipedia. Has anyone read his BSI Starside series?
Sadly, it looks like he has found another way to make a living than writing.He was a very interesting writer who was developing as he went along, but sales weren't strong enough, so he ended up writing for hire, and has since disappeared.

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