Looking for story about starship whose first flight destroys global civilization and whose return precipitates Genesis of a renewed humanity...


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Aug 5, 2019
I read this book in the early to mid-1960s but I think it was already a decade old. The plot begins with a present-day effort to channel energy directly from the earth’s electromagnetic field to ground stations for distribution to the whole world. The effort is thwarted?by someone’s mysterious intervention, which leads to a flashback description of the previous worldwide high tech civilization whose primary source of electricity had also been channeled directly from the ionosphere to a main receiving station in the Great Pyramid. As the first starship of this earlier civilization was leaving orbit, however, it disrupted the energy flow from the ionosphere and inadvertently destroyed the global civilization and most of humanity. Discovering the consequences of the catastrophe on their return, decades or centuries later, the starship crew helped to re-seed humanity on the planet and became “the gods” that helped a new human evolution rise once again to global high tech civilization. I have a vague impression that the story was written a British author but that may not be the case...
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Siva by Walt Richmond

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