Looking for a backstory for my Crow Indian character


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Dec 13, 2015
Tennessee, USA
I'm looking for a good backstory for my Native American character.
Inhaling and exhaling Sammy Jo sits away from the others, filing at her pistol. While the others wished they could lay down to a few coals, just enough to warm up.
“So tell me Kid, what’s your story?” asked Sammy Jo.
“I have no story to tell,” said the Kid wrapped up in her blanket.
“Oh, come now, nobody hangs an Indian without a reason,” said Cissy.
“I’m Crow. Wanted for murder I killed a dozen men, maybe more I lost count,” said the Kid.
“I mean what did you do, to get yourself fixed for a necktie?” asked Cissy.
“Like I said, I’m Crow. What other reason is there,” said the Kid.
“Haha could be worse Kid, could’ve been a slave,” said Cissy.
“My brothers and I went out scouting one day, when I returned my village was gone. Up in flames, my family was completely wiped out. The only survivors were my brothers and I. We tracked the men who did it, and killed every one of them, my brothers and I…I’m the last of my people who have been on the run ever since the army showed up and took care of my brothers,” said the Kid as tears ran down her cheek.