Death, Love and Rock&Roll


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
I would like to put together a short story anthology set in the necromorphosis universe. It will be a tribute to my wife Viv’s memory. You might have known her briefly under a nickname of Rooky in the sffchronicles. She was a wonderful woman with a big beautiful heart for the vulnerable people. She fought the death to the end, and her passing was God’s will.

My Necromorphosis trilogy is already dedicated to her, so if you want to explore the background information, you can find more in the two titles at my signature. This isn’t essential, however, as I can give you a brief, and outline the sort of stories I’d like to see in the anthology.

In the Necromorphosis universe the worse has already happened. The Authorities decided to act on the overcrowding problem by releasing a virus that turned people to Dead. It has wiped out 75 to 80 percent of the humanity, leaving you, the writer, an avenue to explore the unknown with a reduced population.

In the Necromorphosis universe, the dead are real, but so are the aliens. The great unwashed public was never told anything about it. They thought it was a fantasy, even though most of the mythological creatures are real.

A few years after the Great Panic had started the cycle, where the humanity was rescued and taken to a secret base on Moon that was occupied by a Selected Intelligence operatives and the people that the Authorities couldn’t lose. The operation was called Salvation and after twenty five years there are around 7 million people living in the Exopolis, or spread on the orbital stations between Earth and Moon. So, the stories I would like to see in the anthology need to explore positive things against harsh settings, and I would like you to explore subjects of Love, Sharing, Caring, Companionship, Helping others, Joy, the fun of just living your life, Music – especially Rock & Roll and Heavy Metal, Surprises and Miracles, God and Perseverance.

I would like to share the proceedings equally among the writers, but I’d also like to use some of the proceedings to put together a hard cover omnibus of the Necromorphosis trilogy, and hire a few artists to produce pieces for this physical book.

My aim for the whole book is around 100 000 words, and for the individual pieces to be around 6000 words, but this can be flexible. The deadline for the stories would be at the end of the October, 2019, with a possible publication at early 2020.

This anthology was Viv’s and my secret dream, and I am only trying to honour her memory with this book.

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