1.22: Love You to Death

Highlander II

There can be only one!!
Jun 6, 2001
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After a model missing for four months is found dead under mysterious circumstances, another model disappears who bears a striking a resemblance to a dancer Nick fell for a long time ago.
Is this the episode that begins explaining the 'fallout' btwn Nick and LaCroix? B/c LC betrayed Nick re: that dancer?

This was a pretty good episode --- nice story....
The fallout goes back a lot further than that incident, but it does do a good job of showing how manipulative and controlling LC can be.
And it was the incident that led him to stop killing humans. Period.
And it had a hell of a final scene, Lecroix seen alive and draining someone though he was thought destroyed by Nick at the beginning of the season. :D


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