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Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
I was prompted to try Buffy for the first time after reading @Werthead discussing a Season 3 rewatch and how he thought it was the best series of Buffy.

As a family we generally enjoyed it, but it did drag a little in places (the Angel subplot) and I think we much preferred Season 2 for the way it shocked with story twists, and the general depth of story and character from Season 1.

However, my eldest absolutely hates it and after watching a few episodes refuses to watch any more - she complains that the writing has changed and that the season is now driven by conflict for conflict's sake.

I can see and agree with her perception to a point - there was a lot of forced conflict in there (Xander-Willow, and the effect that had on the group dynamic; Angel returning for no obvious reason; the new Guardian, plus of course, Faith).

Even still the rest of us enjoyed it and are looking forward to watching Season 4.
I only started watching midway through Season 3, so that was my first experience, and the Mayor really impressed me as a villain, as well as everything else. It's a different experience to backtrack and watch the earlier episodes. Perhaps for this reason Season 3 remains my favourite, together with parts of Season 5.
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