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Jan 30, 2001
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Well If you voted in season one it's time to vote for season two. I can't believe how much longer the second season is to the first. but hey we win on that.:D

anywyas in seson two my fave eppy is I only have Eyes for you. okay so I'm not thrilled that angel is in eveil mode but the ghost possession stuff was brill and him being the girl just it was amazing.

So which is you fave and please tell us why.;)
This is hard - Season 2 is my favourite season and I have loads of favourite episodes. :rolleyes:

So these are my top 5 Season 2 episodes, with reasons:-

Halloween - it features Ethan Rayne, who I absolutely love, Xander gets to play the hero for once, and Buffy finds out what it's like to be a "meek little girly girl".

Dark Age - Ethan again, always a good thing, and lots of background info into Giles, really exploring his character for the first time.

Passion - the first Buffy episode that made me cry. Some very powerful dialogue, and the scene at the end with Buffy and Giles is wonderful.

Becoming ptII - The second episode to make me cry. Kendra being killed, Giles being tortured, Buffy killing Angel - very dark, very powerful. And Sarah McLachlan's "Full of Grace" at the end is such a perfect finish to the season.

But in the end, I voted for Innocence. Angel losing his soul and Willow finding out about Cordy and Xander are both pivotal moments in the season. I love the Judge, I think they should have kept him around longer. The grenade launcher was extremely cool. And, of course, we are introduced to Angelus for the first time, and his interaction with Buffy and Spike is all wonderful.
Ultimately, I chose, "Passion" -

it was a toss between that and "Surprise" --

There's just something about the ep "Passion" that is just so - i don't know - my brain is on borrowed time or something - I need to sleep -

I just really like the episode - part of it is the little voice-over bits and the music - but the story is good too.
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