(Found) Looking for a book, I think the word Dog is in the title, not sure...


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Mar 20, 2019
Hello, I am trying to remember a book I read awhile ago. It about this man who starts seeing the people around him as evil. Only a few people have this new skill, one of which is his daughter. However, everyone else around them SEE THEM as evil. I remember one part where the father is in the street and i think it was a woman who came out of nowhere and started screaming in the middle of the street and then everyone bombarded her and killed her. I also remember one part where the father goes back to his house and his wife sees him as evil and he tries to take his daughter, that he believes is the only non-evil one, and the wife attacks him?

I hope this makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
Thank you for coming back to tell us! The book sounds very interesting, and I bet a number of us will try to track it down.

ps - this is a great site for SF&F lovers - feel free to stick around. :)
I remembered the book. Its called "Hater" by David Moody. The sequel is called Dog Blood.
I only saw this now!
I have the first Hater series, good stuff.
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