Marvel's Daredevil - Season 3


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
It feels good to back, sitting firmly at the shoulder of the blind devil, Daredvil. It didn't really surprise me that he was send through hell, without actually meeting Mephisto on his way. Marvel has never really done a good job on their universe devil. Not even when they showed him in those awfully poor Ghostrider movies, but in DD's case, Mephisto becomes a centre of Matt's torture trough his denial of everything.

The God and the Angels never really enter the picture, as there are so many other gods in Marvel's Universe. One of them being one that comes with a magical hammer. To be honest, DD has been fighting gods since Fisk went into the prison and the Hand took over. Madame Gao being one that I suspect being a dragon, and therefore a god.

Like Father Lanton said, it is a miracle that DD survived the explosion at all, when nobody else was kicked out from the sewer piper. But it is my suspicion that he went to see Mephisto, got marked on his way out and then sent back to surface to suffer in the hell of his own making. I'm saying that because out of all hells that preys for one's mortal soul, the catholic one is the worst as the punishment or ascension starts when you're still living.

The truth is we don't know God's plan. Matt's knows that, hence he tells Father Lanton by saying: "I always come you with the questions and you rationalise God's plan to me." I get that he feels low at the aftermath of finding his one true love, and losing Elektra again. Any man would suffer in his fate, being blind, unable to even walk to the toilet to do his business.

We would think is there anything worth for living. Anything that would make us care. In this dark times one often wonders is the life worth anything. Yet, stubborn as we are, we find a way to move from a moment to another. Some will lose their way, but Matt even in his lowest moment is a tortured man, who cannot give up because there are always someone who need saving. In DD's case, that first man should be him, but as it is with the Matt's case, he is the last one.

It is kind of strange how easily Nelson gives up on his friend, but for being pramactic one of Nelson & Murdock Law agency, it makes sense. Yet, he is so loveable, huggy bear, that he cannot tell Karen to just let Matt's apartment to go. I could say that's love, and I probably wouldn't be far off, even if the most practical thing after one's death is to give up.

Matt says: "I had friends. I had a life. I care about people, and I'm choosing to them believe that I'm gone because I am. I'm not Job." He sniffles and continues: "And I know my truth now."

"What truth?" Sister Maggie asks.

"Well, that in front of this God... I'd rather die as the Devil than live as Matt Murdock."

You can almost hear the Horned One laughing at him, rolling in the catholic self pity, just in the right place for man, who doesn't believe in himself any more. Man, who has lost his sense and with them his brain. Man, being a Catholic Christian is not easy.

In this macabre play Wilson Fisk AKA Kingpin is the real devil. He is the man who has accepted his position and he regrets nothing. There is only one thing that he fears and that is losing his love Vanessa. He would never show people his sorrow. Instead, he would blanket the world under his wrath for losing his love, his heart.

I love reading and watching Matt's Murdock's life as I can see myself in his shoes. People know that I care for people, and I get hurt mentally and sometime physically for doing that. "Heal the body and spirit follows," Sister Maggie claims. To which Father Lanton asks: "Shouldn't it be the other way round." Well, from my experience Maggie is right. But I hate to see the way they go with that business.

I hate when my hero's hurt, but I love when they pick up themselves and get on with the business even if they're bleeding and covering in bruises.

When Ray Nadeem appears in the small screen it is a little confusing as there is no mention of Fed's being even remotely interested in the business of super villains and their counterparts. He becomes the fallguy for going to interview Mr Fisk, the notorius crimical mastermind in off chance that he'll drop out something juicy that can save his career. But in that moment he engages Kingpin's mind, he has already lost his way. But the people in the world of Marvel Superhero's nobody has a long history of dealing with the types that way beyond our normal.

It is very likely that Fisk read instantly the weakness in his opponent and chose to exploit the individual by giving them one of his enemies. Ray just happens to be one of those people who are easy to fool to do things. Like you hear him proudly announcing to his son, "The pool is happening ... next year," even though he does not have credit of any kind.

I don't know why hang on things tooth and nail, and never admit that we are at the bottom of the pit. You can see that same pride of Matt's face, in his actions as he feels responsible to go out to keep peace in the streets, even though he is seriously hurting. But in Ray's case, as soon as his boss says that he's going to be removed as Kingpin handler, Ray almost breaks in tears.

He must had felt nauseous as he realises that the with the Kingpin out from the picture, out his reach, he's back at the bottom of the pit, and all that glory he felt in the office, after he lead Fed's to arrest Albanian mafia members, is gone. Never to happen again.

Why there is a culture of perfection within the FBI I don't know? But it is evident that it is there from countless crime dramas, true life documentaries that cross our small screens. To them, there always has to be an answer, and that answer cannot be no, or a failure, because it always has to something positive that they can turn to a success. In hundred years, when we look back at this time, that fault might have been shifted out, or it'll be there as a cultural hinderance, not allowing the investigation organisation to move forward.

The most important thing that Ray should learn fro his encounters with Mister Fisk is that Kingpin only cares about Vanessa and himself, in that order. Anything else can burn in hell. To him there is no path of redemption that Matt is taking in his journey through pain and misery. Ray's journey is most likely going to same route, but his journey is most likely ending up as Fisk's victim.

There is a reason why all Kingpin's projects look good on the outside, and super ugly at the inside. So, if Ray Nadeem would have read the Silence of the Lamb or at least seen the movie, he would know he's a small prey struggling to get out from the spider's web that Fisk has weaved around.

Ray's boss Hattley has no reason as she should know better. She should have seen countless takedowns, arrests, interviews, crime-organisations and criminal masterminds to not try sprung Fisk out from the prison. But again, the culture of perfection strikes, as he doesn't listen to her superiours, but falls hook, line and sinker to Ray's... er, Fisk's trap.

All I say is: The Greed is Strong within the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Well, thank God we have DareDevil doing investigations on their behalf.

When Benjamin ‘Dex’ Poindexter appears in the small screen, he isn't the maniac Bulleye that Marvel Comic readers know him as. He is just a Special Agent with awesome skills as it seems to the watcher that everytime he pulls a trigger, the bullet hits a bullseye target. In many cases, the double tap location at the head. But just one bullet or a knife.

The most legendary move that Bullseye has done was killing a fly with a sligshot he manufactured, while he was speaking to the Kingpin about taking down DD against a money price. In the series, I probably haven't seen his greatest shot, but making a glancing shot that hits a streetlight and still hit opponent head has to legendary. What can DareDevil do against a man who cannot miss?

Not much. Not without his armour, his weapons and full health. Even hurting, Bullseye can be a serious opponent. One that will end you as dead. So it is interesting to watch how Fisk turns one good man after another bad. Matt knows how Fisk manipulates everything. How he calculates his every move as even though things might seem random, they're never what they seem to be when Fisk is in the picture.

If he were your chess opponent, you would be facing a grand champion and you wouldn't know that. Those who know, like Foggy Nelson as an example would fail informing, just because nobody believes his baby face. Everyone should be like Matt and Karen, seeing through the web of lies. One like Wilson Fisk cannot be kept outside the prison.

Dex seems that he doesn't care, that Kingpin's words won't affect him, when he guards him within his gilded prison of 20 Million USD penthouse. As soon as you see him talking to the Federal shrink, you know that it winds him to see Fisk free and able to do whatever he wants as long as he remains within his 'prison.' But, that is the question, is a prison a prison if it suits you?

Are the FBI agents guarding a prisoner or are they protecting a man who has a value?

It is often talked that the prisoners have no value, but yet, we invest huge sums on keeping selected few inside the cells. Sometime they even get deals like Wilson Fisk, because what they know or what they can do has a great value.

Sister Maggie asks: "So, what you gonna do?" When Matt talks about his hate that the first thing he hears after his hearing returns, is that Fisk is out from Riker's island. It is reply: "I don't know. Maybe I'll stop him ... for good this time," that gives the answer for why Fisk is so interested on owning Mister Pointdexter. It is very likely that he has already calculated that the Devil is coming to knock on his door, and he won't be happy.

Kingpin needs his bodyguards. The Aces to be in his sleeve. One of them being Bullseye, and the other, Typhoid Mary, you can see making a scene within Ray's scope.


How Fisk is going to lure a good man to his side if he's not already corrupted?

So how does a man like Matt Murdock fight against the man he cannot touch? By not being one the other expects to see. He said that he would never be Matt again that the lawyer in would never have a chance to live the same life that DareDevil is leading. Yet, that man is as dangerous as the man he hides behind the mask.

At the end of the day, it is the mask lawyers put on, when they go to face the court or deal on behalf of their clients. Very often they train their clients to wear a mask as well, because in the American court the appearances matter. At the end of the day, if the story wins over the so-called facts, it's a victory in their books.

The enemy of your enemy is your friend. And Mister Fisk has made great many enemies over the years. Some inside the prison, some outside and great many wearing concrete shoes at the bottom of the Hudson River. In Matt's shoes I would have gone to see Albanian's as well.

Maybe not without a stab vest. Albanian mafia ... or syndicate as they call it in the show has a fierce real life reputation. It goes in detail far beyond things that Russians do. Flaying victims alive is straight out of their text book. Using that would not have saved Matt from the injection.

I don't think anything would have, but by the time Matt had finished the call with the Kingpin, the drug was already working. He was losing his senses, his edge, the stuff that makes him super dangerous. But just like his father, he cannot back away from the fight. Instead he heads to corridor full of rough prisoners, used to fighting dirty, without his mask to save his identity.

Stick would have totally approved his move. Maybe even applauded him finishing the fight. Then again maybe he would have also mocked his student for walking inside wolf's den, like a sheep.

I applaud the producers for creating the one-shot prison fight as one of the marvels of these series. It was glorious one. People are going refer to it over the years, as one shot scene are really difficult to make. Although, just right after it Foggy Nelson had his own fight, by announcing his candidency in the lion den's, right under the nose of his opponent.

You could ask who pulled the greater punch, and I'd say, it wasn't Matt, because there are other ways he could have found the name, and the reason for why Albanian's went into the prison. Yet, like price fight, he went head strong and came out bleeding, beaten, and a promise for the Albanian's that he should have never made in the first place.
For the same reason some people might like it more. I like the interconnect of the shows. I like having characters and themes crossover. This was the least connected of the shows. I'm not 100% with this version of Bullseye.

There were several spectacular fight scenes and the big 3 way fight was great.

I don't know how Kingpin became so good on reading the character, as a child he was far from being a geeky or even super analytical. Therefore, I think that in his teen years, his young adulthood, he learned those skills, because at the moment, he is the processor for all the information that comes from the field. It is almost as if he always had a supercomputer in his head, and all those analysis made him cold. The ruthlessness was always there, and there is seldom anything he cannot acquire. What he cannot buy, he takes.

So, I wasn't surprised that he pulled Murdock's name out from his hat, when the FBI asked for more. The machine that is the FBI can take information and process it, before it even starts analysing the patterns. In the Marvel's world, it is a slight surprise that the Federal Machine hasn't tracked down the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

It is not a surprise that soon after that machine started working Karen ended in their cross-hairs even though that should have been the first alarm bell, that something wasn't right. Although Matt's disappearance is suspicious, it is not hard evidence that he ever worked for the Fisk. But for some reason Ray doesn't have a nose to know what is valuable evidence, and what are the red herrings Fisk has put in the play to confuse the picture.

In Kingpin's head the only time he is peaceful, is when he stared that blank white spot on the wall, and let his brain idle. Although we don't know if he ever idles or if his brain is always working, always calculating the next move. And Ray doesn't understand it. Not even when Karen gives him a launder list full of items that she has connected to the Kingpin operations.

"Why?" Karen asked after Nadeem showed him the picture of Fisk's lawyer.

"I just try to put the pieces together," Nadeem answers.

"Okay. Uh..." Karen sounded scared. "Well, here are some of the pieces for you to put together. Felix Manning. Red Lion National Bank (sounds chinese). Vancorp. Any of that ring any bells?"

"I don't follow." Nadeem shaked his head innocently.

"Well, instead of letting Fisk use you and the FBI to retaliate against innocent lawyers who put him in prison, why don't you ask him if he hired a fixer named Felix Manning to launder money through Red Lion. Ask if he's the true owner of shell company called Vancorp."

"Why would I do that?" Nadeem asks, annoyed.

If I had been his boss and heard him going through that conversation I would have kicked Ray's ass and told him to do better job. Karen tell him he's a marionette, and yet, Ray is rolling his eyes, trying to figure if he should, or if he shouldn't. When you look at the Federal Machine operations, it is just like that. The people who work within cannot always see the tree because woods are on the way. There is no clear picture for them to see. There rarely is, but the circumstances can make the picture clear in one bit and leave the rest obfuscated. Dark.

Just like Fisk wants his world to be. It is only him, who should get the clear picture. It is hard to do that level analystics, all on your own. But Kingpin does so much more, as he controls Fisk Enterprise and all the lives living underneath it. He is the King spider and everyone else are just the prey struggling to get free.

There must be a lot the DD don't know about Fisk's operations, as the point for him to put in the prison was because he was becoming super violent. To be frank, things would be hundred times easier if Fisk was dead, but then again that would leave humongous hole in the Marvel Universe.


I like the fact that they showed Bullseye being OCD, competely psychopath from the early childhood onwards. I don't like the fact that they made him to sadist as well, when fans know him being an OCD nutjob, but not as someone who gets kicks from hurting others.

All Fisk wants from him is the killer. A someone, who can take down the Devil. What I don't understand why they needed to make his love interest to look like Typhoid Mary? I apologise that I got it wrong in the first time.

I do admit that is not the best picture of Karen, but it is showing why I love her over the other civilians in the Marvel series. She is vulnerable, she is flawed, yet she doesn't back down and wimper like some other spoiler brats. In her time between DD and the Punisher, she has seen death, torment and total destruction that comes with an obscene body-count.

She's not a bad person. Instead she's this brilliant person, a flawed gem that should have not been taken into the realms of chaos that comes with people like Matt and Frank. I think both of them knows that and they cannot keep away from her, to keep her safe. It is almost like she's a firefly, and she's lured by the fire that Matt and Frank presents.

Karen asks Matt: "What do you need from me?"

But instead tell her "Nothing," Matt dives straight in and offers her all the candy that she doesn't need. Frankly Matt should be begging her to stay away, to move to another city and leave all that comes with Fisk Enterprises behind her back for her sake. Instead, he dangles the fish under Karen's nose and don't tell her it's smells dodgy.

For being a flawed character Karen doesn't get how much she is in at mortal danger for investigating the greatest mastermind in Eastern Seaboard. Old Ben would have understood that and in back in the days, when he was still alive, he tried to warm Kare and others of the dangers for investigating Fisk's business, and therefore Hand's business and inconsequently the whole criminal underworld that is present in the Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

It's kind of funny that Foggy Nelson sees it all pretty clearly and he offers the most sound advice, making him a great counsellor. If him and Saul Goodman would ever meet in the courtroom, Saul would be in trouble. But it's not like anyone ever listen to what Foggy has to say, because he is not the hero. Not even an anti-hero.

When Karen interviews Sister Maggie about his whereabouts, the Sister offers her a story from Matt's childhood, emphesing the detail of how one night she's didn't go to help him and Matt turned to never ask help again. I can easily recognise being in the same position, doing exactly the same thing. But for Karen the alarm bell, instead it's a signal for her to dive deeper, even though it certainly not good for the health.

It's only after Matt tells her that he wishes to be locked next to Fisk, when she realises how deep she has ventured into the dark. There is no lights guiding her out from there. Instead, it's the story or death. Preferably in that order. There is no escape.


I love Kingpin's uniform. It makes him perfect. There is one exception though and that is his grand diamond holding walking stick. It is almost like his sceptre, marking him as the King. He uses his position, his persona to lure Special Agent Poindexter into the trap and turns him into Bullseye.

The first fight he has with the DD is awesome, but it is clear that Bullseye isn't even on equal level to Matt's skills on martial arts. Instead, he moves around hulkishly, not nimbly like Daredevil. Without DD's armour, he would have got beaten. Most definitely.

Too bad FBI only saw the red DD armour and identified the wrong suspect. Just like Kingpin wanted. He must be counting his blessings on the day he met Ray.

Aftermath. Man, I feel for Matt as the media launches on the vigilante angle like a punch of vultures. All while Fisk were interested on making his gilded cell even more luxurious then it was before. It kind of detaches you from the world, but at the same time, it anchors the series firmly to our reality as we have seen a number of rich people, getting away with murder. All while they were living in luxury, and were guarded by the best the Authorities can offer.

Why is that the poor people receives the stick?

It felt seriously weird for seeing Kingpin smiling at his image, while knowing very well all the anarchy he had unleashed in the world. More so when he went to review to carnage in the private bunker and laughing at all of the foolish people, believing the lies instead of investigating the incident and giving a benefit of doubt to the DareDevil.

Like a typical boy, Matt went to confess to Sister Maggie of what a fool he had been for believing that he could hand himself to the Authorities and get away with everything, even though he very well knew that Fisk had bought the whole hotel. We can only thank God that Maggie has been blessed with a brain, and years of wisdom.

She asks: "What if you stopped this fight, took time to heal and let other people like you go after Fisk?"

Matt's answer is typical denial. It is as if he's too stubborn to use his brain and admit that Maggie is on to something. That he doesn't have to fight all the fights. But yet, some part of him allow Sister to continue talking some wisdom, all while he's hurting as if he'd lost the biggest and the most important fight in his life. It makes me wonder if there are price fighters out there who are like Matt, too stubborn to listen the wisdom of the elders. In the Devil's case, it might go all the way back to his childhood and to his teacher Stick, who had no love to share to the boy.

The blessing in the disguise is Matt's partner, Foggy Nelson, who even though beaten hasn't lost his marbles when Bullseye knocked him down. He understand exactly the case his dealing with Agent Nadeem, like a good lawyer he is. It is too bad that his skills are offered to the rich and powerful, and not to the poor in need for justice and defence.

Foggy's only fault is Marcy, his ball and chain, the woman behind the man. If Mister Nelson didn't had a woman, he might feel more free, but in the same time he is one who really needs one to anchor him into the reality.

What surprised me is that after everything Ray started to listen to the doubt in him. He told Fisk the story of his childhood bully, and Fisk completely denied being one. Almost lending another crook's infamous words, he claimed to not be one.

"Fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice, shame on me." That's what Ray should have learned. He is not perfect. Far from it. But, he can learn from all the setbacks like anyone else. Fools are those, who keep hitting their head on the same tree. The lies only lead you to ruin.

I felt so glad that Matt confronted Ray and asked him some hard questions, before he started telling him the truth.

Faux Daredevil. I kind of like that in his madness Dex is tumbling further into the rabbit hole, without ever really realising that at the end of the day Fisk doesn't care about him. Not really. He needs Bullseye skills, his determination to get to the targets, like an obsessed psycho. But that is the danger with sociopaths, because they will do anything, everything to make you convinced that they are the good guy.

It is just that you cannot trust them, because the moment they gain your trust, you are in danger because those people won't let you or your trust go. If they don't kill you, you soon will see that they slip back into their normal rhythm.

What surprised me was that Fisk ordered a hit on Bullsyes love interest. The woman, he claimed he needed. It is almost as if he needs Dex to be mad. To be desperate enough to only see Fisk as his saviour. The Kingpin must know absolutely what doing things like that do to the psycho.

The thing that Fisk didn't count in his game was Karen bullishly launching accusations on him in his gilded cell. You can see he is visibly displeased when Karen tells him that Ben Urich wasn't the only one who knew the childhood story. He is almost teetering in the edge of pure rage, his most dangerous stage, if you have read Spiderman and DD's graphical novels.

Karen rightly asks: "What would be worst for you, publicity or death?"

The answer rightly is the publicity as it is the one thing Kingpin cannot control. He can try, but there is no way to control the story once it's out there. The people are funny things as most of us believe in the good things.


I really like Matt using his superior senses to crack open a serious gunsafe. Usually these things are easy to pick. So it is a kind of surprise that Dex had a 1200 USD Steelwater safe in his closet. In their website they claim to be able to give 1 hour of resistance to the cracking attempts. Matt cracked under 30 seconds. If he ever wanted to slip into the dark side, he would make himself a very rich man.

It surprised me that Dex burned all his tapes. The one thing that psycho's find hard is to break their patterns. There is always triggers, certain things that they'll need to do in order to feel satisfied. The disappointment is one of the hardest things for them to accept.

Fisk said: "The primal scream is the only thing that can satisfy the need to vent rage," when he is at the point. But wisely he doesn't tell Bullseye that he had his love interest killed. After Dex lets out his rage, he holds Bullseye in the way he would be holding his boy.

Thing about the faith is you have to belief, but you don't have to live under the rules of God. Most of us cannot be pure, and live a simple life just by those roles. Sister Maggie certainly couldn't as early one into her introduction to the nunhood she slipped into a catholic sin and allowed herself to feel love that eventually produced the Devil of Hell's Kitchen.

To me that has been the most shocking event in the third season, as some part of me never believed that the Devil could have a mother. In the Marvel Universe there are rare instances where the parents comes into the question, but in the Netflix series it has happened twice, with Matt's parents being the second that has been used a plot device.

It is interesting that Matt decided to confront Father Landom soon after he learned the truth from Maggie's innocent slip of calling Matt as his son. I personally understand why he felt angry and unwilling to see Sister Maggie again, when I too have been manipulated by my mother. Although what Matt went through might be harder, as for his whole life, he thought he never had one, because dear old dad never mentioned her. All he ever learned was the lie. Mum never came. Not even in his darkest moment, when he lost his sight and soon after his father.

The thing is that those of us who chooses to become clerical profession has to learn the art of deception, where lying is essential part of the daily operations. Although most of it is not done by malicious intent, it doesn't need much before evil pops on the surface, like it happens with Agent Nadeem, when he tried to bring the case of Wilson Fisk to the FBI internal investigation system.

When his boss pops one in the head of the OPR it is a shock that starts the spiral of events that end up revealing whole web of corruption that Fisk has spread over the New York City officials. It is a moment that makes the Kingpin the Devil and Matt a fallen angel on a path of redemption. Not that he ever needs being redeemed as his intention has always been pure.

The Bible mentions Angels as God's warriors, as mighty celestial beings that drive a wedge into the corruption. And that is the irony when Matt dons his helmet that bears stubby horns. It is a joke, because nobody would believed that DareDevil and his associates would ever be part of the biggest sins, but instead a guiding light in the sea of darkness. In some ways Matt is a saviour, who needs to be saved from the madness that he puts himself into every day, when he chooses to fight the Chaos on his own.

It's just that he never asks for help, even though he could easily give a ring to Luke Cage or even the Punisher to take down the Kingpin. When Karen chose to flee day after she had confront Fisk in his gilded cell, I was certain that he was going to give a call to Frank to come to pick her up, and by that involve him into Matt's play.

But it doesn't happen as she takes Maggie's offer to hide within the Catholic Church asylum system. It is just another lie in this episode that is full of lies and revelations. The truth is lying is part of us and we learn to do it very early on. Some studies has shown that we learn that act even before we learn to talk as babies are shown being able to manipulate the others by crying and showing an emotion that is not the truth.

The biggest lie in the episode belongs to Fisk as he truly believes that he can leave his cell and get away with it. In the terms of his arrangement with the Authorities he would only need to appear once at outside and the whole thing would unravel with him ending back in the cell at Riker's Island. One picture, one video or one witness placing him in the streets is all that is needed. I believe Agent Nadeem could do it if he would have the balls to venture deep within Fisk's system, collect the evidence, and then publish it in the internet.

That story would be the biggest thing in the 24 hour news cycle and it would be very hard to remove, and it would fighting the lies with a lie that would redeem everything that Nadeem has done in the past. But doing that would mean that Nadeem gathers courage that he doesn't posses or he uses his brain to understand that he has no choice but to do the desperate act, because honestly there is nothing left for him to do. If he does nothing he will end up dead. If he does something, he will end up dead but at least he would render his sins to nothing, and in his death he would be the winner.

I felt troubled on seeing Karen's past. I never thought about her as sexually liberated, hustling drug dealer when I saw her first time in the small screen. Over two and half season her past has been quite the opposite. If the producers would have cut out most of that out, I could still have been able to imagine her past in a small town as she doesn't strike as one who has lived in the New York City since she was born.

It is even more surprising that in the second season when Frank gives Karen a pistol for self-protection, she is scared instead of being custom and comfortable with all the stuff that goes in the small towns. If she has been seriously dealing with the drugs then surely she must have seen guns and violence way before Matt saved her from the thugs.

Although seeing her working in Dad's restaurant and not receiving much of praise for her work it is no wonder why she left to seek life among the city lights. Everything is harder out there if you're not prepared for it, and you constantly think about how life could be better somewhere else. Luckily her brother had enough of love to pull the strings so that she could move out and leave the life in the wilderness behind.

It is kind of stupid that she felt responsible for keeping the diner alive after her mum died on cancer. She could had become goth and just not give a sh*t like countless of other girls in her age, but instead, to her the family came first. It is a tragedy that she was the instrument of her family's downfall and it is no wonder why her became a bitter person, even though what she did was an accident.

God doesn't save you from those situations, He will only give you guidance and comfort, while it is you who has to do the heavy pulling. Father Lanton tried to install that wisdom in Karen's head, when she admitted being lost. At the end of the day, Lanton says that whatever it is you have done or haven't done ... it can be okay. You can be redeemed if you let some faith in your soul.

If you need a miracle God will provide it. Karen's save was Father Lanton, wanting to give his life for just another soul, like priests has done for ages. It was a little surprise that Bullseye managed to beat Matt in hand-to-hand combat. Sure he was armoured, but the hits he landed on Dex should have knocked him out. At least, when Karen dropped him from balcony, he shouldn't have been able to walk away not harmed.

Bullseye is not invulnerable even if he's wearing DD's armour. The real physics work in Marvel's universe. Yet, again, he managed to beat Matt more than few times. What I don't understand is that why he didn't feel the need to carry a pistol as it is one his trademark tools?
It was a little surprise that Bullseye managed to beat Matt in hand-to-hand combat. Sure he was armoured, but the hits he landed on Dex should have knocked him out.

Bullseye didn't beat him in straight hand to hand. He had to keep pulling back so he could throw things. The longer they stayed in direct contact the more Matt got the upper hand.

The stunts Kingpin pulls in one night is quite unbelievable. In one hand he lets out a madman to wreck carnage in one place, while in the other he makes public statements outside his gilded cell. He is a hippocrit to believe that he can control the world or the events or even the people he employs. It is a blessing in disguise that Dex is a psychopath and the one man, Fisk has laid all of his trust cannot control his madness.

In the comics Bullseye sanity became almost as lose as Typhoid Mary's in her bad day.

You can see it inflicting him in his traditional costume. For being OCD paranoid is it strange that he didn't ask about the blood stain in the corner of the coffin Matt and Karen were hiding in, even though it was obvious that he saw it just a moment before Sister Maggie stepped at front of it. If he had been blessed with some of analytical intelligence, he would understood early on that Maggie was stalling him.


It was a disappointment seeing those Muai Thai wraps covered in blood, and Dex's face almost as undamaged as Matt's. Maybe it is a Hollywood rule that the face has to remain intact, even though in the previous episode they showed a horrific damage on Karen's face. If you look into Marvel's wiki, it doesn't say that Bullseye or DD are invulnerable to damage, or that they have amazing healing abilities to ditch the damage both had received during the fight. Yet, both walk around as if nothing has happened, instead limping and being at the edge of their consciousness.

I liked that Karen managed to give Matt some wisdom, because there is only so many times you can hit head against the same tree. Daredevil would have never won the fight against superior numbers that Fisk managed to make from the FBI team. But as a lawyer, the numbers don't mean anything. As a lawyer Mister Murdock can take anyone and win his day in the court. It is his ultimate weapon. However, in the comics, that doesn't cut, because the readers are more interested in the superhero stuff.

I loved that the silver haired lady understood her position and she showed that her determination was enough to turn Fisk away from the painting. Just like Matt should do instead of seeking a way to kill the Kingpin.

Bullseye didn't beat him in straight hand to hand. He had to keep pulling back so he could throw things. The longer they stayed in direct contact the more Matt got the upper hand.

Bullseye got distracted by his OCD tendencies. He cannot give up on the target. Matt beats him and yeah, he lands most of the hits in the hand-to-hand fight, but he's not winning, Bulleye is. You can see him easily ditching the strikes as if they were done by mosquitoes and not by a trained, strong fighter like Matt.

Honestly the amount of punches and kicks Bullseye received he should have been seriously hurting. Especially after he falls from the balcony. Somehow miraculously he walks off from it with no concussion, no broken bones, not even his face looking as if it had met a sander.


It is kind of strange to see Fisk melting at front of his love interest Vanessa. The man, who can control Federal Agencies, State employees, Super-Heros and their counter parts at the palm on his hand, becomes puppy as soon as Vanessa lays her eyes on him. It is as if that bad man doesn't exist at all. But it also makes you think about her point-of-view, because in her shoes, she has to know that she is dating a monster that is ten times worse then Mr Hyde.

In the Animal Kingdom Matriarchy is usually the way of life and males are kept around just for the breeding purpose. Fail on it and you'll be ditched with no second thoughts. In a way, Vanessa is controlling Fisk just like Seema controls Ray. Instead of supporting, Seema makes Ray feel guilty about everything.

The modern woman aren't rugs. You cannot wipe your feet and ignore them, or try to render them to live in old fashioned way. Of course you can try, but at the end of the day, you will end up regretting about everything. Even the day when you were born, if you love them.

In Fisk case, take Vanessa out from the picture and he will show the monster. Let him keep her, and he might even be civil about things. Not all of them, because he cannot let go the evil from his life. He simply has too much blood in his hands and it won't wash away.

Kingpin claims that he bought the hotel and the penthouse with best view to the city, his city as if he really is an emperor or someone who has the claim to the land and the people living in it. Frankly, he reminds me of old time Kings, when back in the day they could do anything and get away with it as well. But you look at Vanessa and you can see that she doesn't love the man, only the lifestyle Fisk can provide to her, and that makes Fisk to a fool.

Agent Nadeem in the other hand, he tries to his best to put back the pieces to make his marriage whole again. He knows in his heart how he effed up pick time by trying to be something he isn't. All his achievements happened because Fisk wanted to them to happen. He knows it and yet, he is willing to put his life on the line and give a testimony, even though it will render his whole family under a permanent death threat as long as Fisk lives.

Nadeem claims that he didn't wanted his son to see him as an average federal employee, but someone as successful as they can be. I'm going to say that is the problem that our culture has created and we don't know how to fix it, because the successful are the rich, and apparently that is what everyone wants to be, because somehow it's the coolest thing. Nobody wants to be an average man and be one among the great big grey mass.

At the end his balls drop as Ray assumes being guilty for looking away, when Fisk committed the crimes. Fisk would never do that, because there is no way that the Kingpin would ever have done anything bad as that would be bad for his public image.

The truth is Fisk was better when he was hidden from the public, only working with Madame Gao and the Hand. But there is no way for him to roll back time. He can only go forward. Vanessa asks to be part of his institute, his crimes, even though Fisk wants to keep her away from the dirt.

That is a true love.

Ray's love life is over as Seema flees back to India to with her people. There is no way they are ever going to be item together, while Vanessa embraces the power fully and willingly. Just like a proper queen.


Ray's and Matt's fight through the under pass is fast, beautiful and funny. Especially as the people see a blind man throwing punches at the people as if he is some sort of oriental grand master. I loved seeing Matt teaching Ray where to shoot, even though Nadeem couldn't see targets. The first rule of gun fight is to not fire if you cannot see the target.

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