Marvel's Daredevil - Season 2

It's only been a week since Netflix released season two of Marvel's Daredevil, but lots of fans and viewers would already declare Jon Bernthal's take on Frank Castle to be the best screen version of the Punisher to date. He's not even the principal antagonist, but he steals scenes left and right all the way through the season.

Following the acclaimed portrayal of Wilson Fisk last season, new showrunners Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez provide a more humanised spin on the character than is traditionally depicted in the comics, without having him get pally with his neighbours, like the 2004 film did, or having him indiscriminately blow up free runners with a bazooka, as in 2008's unapologetically bonkers Punisher- Warzone.
Daredevil season 2: examining Jon Bernthal's Punisher

It was a very good origins story for Frank donning the infamous skull armour and being ruthless for those who cross him. You could sense that Punisher was trying to come out all that time, even when he was dropped in the prison to have a word with the Kingpin.

Punisher might not be immortal, or have super powers, but the level of skill is there. And he's a fine friend for the DareDevil.

The shortest of our three arcs comes over just one or two episodes when he's able to persuade Frank to sabotage his own defence in order to go to prison and get a shot at finding out who was ultimately responsible for his family's deaths from Dutton, the top dog who has been making Fisk's stay a bit difficult.

Frank's tanking is appropriate though - he goes berserk on the stand and admits full awareness of his actions and no remorse whatsoever, declaring that he's “the big bad Punisher” and getting taken down by the court bailiffs.

Punisher doesn't have a remorse and he doesn't feel guilty from taking down bad guys, and that became really clear, when he met the Kingpin. What surprised me was the way Kingpin took over the jail and used Frank to eliminate his opponent.

Frank was so battered after that hallway fight that I was thinking for couple of moment is going to go to see Claire to get him fixed for the field. I would have, but he didn't, Punisher went straight back to field to hunt down the Blacksmith.

But what annoyed me was that he was prepared to go down in that ship. No matter how threatening it was to his life. Frank that I know would had retreated to a better location to blow up that ship in order to take out maximum number of his targets. He isn't stupid.
I'm only up to ep 5 of season 2 (I'm rationing myself - don't want to get through it too quickly) but I'm loving it so far. Episode 4, Penny and Dime, was one of the most intense hours of tv I've seen in ages - in this genre anyway!
I'm only up to ep 5 of season 2 (I'm rationing myself - don't want to get through it too quickly) but I'm loving it so far. Episode 4, Penny and Dime, was one of the most intense hours of tv I've seen in ages - in this genre anyway!

Episode 3: That hallway brawl featuring Daredevil taking on the entire enraged biker gang... WHOA!
Yeah! I think it may have topped the corridor fight in season 1.

wait til E9 (I think it is) for another intense set-peice - someone on another forum posted that "...this isn't just excellent CBH television, it is excellent television full stop..." which I think nails it.
Up to episode 7.
I really don't like Elektra (as in how she manipulates Matt) :cautious: :)
Finished the season last night. Excellent stuff, and much better paced than season 1, I thought. From enjoying it but not loving it at the start of season 1 it's now easily overtaken The Flash (which has, IMO, had a problematic and underwhelming second season) as my favourite show.

I want season 3 now, dammit!
Don't hate me but I do NOT like Elektra - she's so manipulative!

Funnily enough, I like The Punisher - he had reason to rage and his own moral code. Extreme but understandable.
Hey all - just starting this thread here so we can discuss season 2 of DAREDEVIL without accidentally spoilering things for folks reading the other 2 threads that's been discussing season 1!

The series started stronger than it ended. The Punisher was a far more engaging character than Elektra and as soon as his part was reduced the series began to drag, interesting to see how this and Jessica Jones continue to run now as the timelines, location and characters are now entwined
No season 3 until 2018 . . .

Yeah, there's Defenders in between, and before that Luke Cage and Ironfist. After those there should be another season of Jessica Jones. It is also possible that Punisher will launch before that as well.

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