Tiebreaker Poll -- March 2018 Writing Challenge -- THEDUSTYZEBRA WINS!

Tiebreaker Poll -- March 2018 Writing Challenge

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Aug 7, 2007
We have (eventually...) a two-way tie.

You have until 23:59 (GMT) on the April the 2nd to make your choice. (Note that the time given on the poll -- between the poll title and the choices -- is to be ignored: what is displayed depends on the user's local settings and their time zone.)

The stories still in contention:

Steam Punked by Parson

“That’s a wrap!” Admiral Kovan called out. The steam camera vented smoke and shut down.

Kovan was hugely satisfied. It was amazing that the supposed all seeing eye of the camera could tell such a preposterous lie. But he had seen the first of the galleys and the story would be believed. He could imagine the boost in national pride.

Satisfied with the moon sequence, Kovan ordered: “Set up the return to earth scene.”

Per Aspera by TheDustyZebra

We watched, bewildered, as the ship grew ever closer.

We’d just seen them off, our best and brightest going out to meet the visitors from the stars. And now they’d turned back.

ESS Jules Verne landed, whooshing steam, whirring, clanking.

Ambassador Hansen disembarked, crossed the field to the spaceport, then emerged and strode back to the ship.

At the foot of the gangplank, he turned, doffed his fedora, waved to the crowd.

“Forgot my hat.”