Tiebreaker Poll -- January 2019 Writing Challenge -- ARTORIARIUS WINS!

Tiebreaker Poll -- January 2019 Writing Challenge

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Ursa major

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Aug 7, 2007
We have a tie.

You have until 23:59 (GMT) on the January the 30th to make your choice.

The stories still in contention:

Delirium by Teresa Edgerton

The tree was somehow more alive than others trees. The night wind sang in its branches: mad, wicked songs disturbing out sleep.​
We cut it down and grubbed up the roots. But always some escaped us. Spring after spring a sapling appeared, to be uprooted and burned. Finally, everyone packed up, leaving an empty village behind us.​
Years have passed; yet still I hear its songs in my dreams. They are beginning to make sense.​

A Successful Experiment by Artoriarius

Experiment Log 012: Test group given carnivorous thorn root. Control group given fresh bread.​
Results: Carnivorous thorns grew from both groups. Suspect bread contaminated.​
Experiment Log 013: Control group given bread from Dr. Wood's lunch.​
Results: ...sh*t.​
Experiment Log 014: Flamethrowers employed to hold back carnivorous thorns on Level 3.​
Results: Carnivorous thorns surprisingly dexterous; now have flamethrowers.​
Experiment Log 015: Test groop rosted. Contrul groop ra.​
Results: Hoomins tastee. Most find mor.​

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